Yarns From My Dropped Thread

This book is available on amazon.com for   $20.00 plus shipping and is also published in a Kindle format. Contact us at onespiritpress@gmail.com for a signed copy. Click on book cover for link to amazon.com


You can order this book on amazon.com or contact us at onespiritpress@gmail.com for a signed copy.

Yarns From My Dropped Threads $20.00  Living alone in downtown Portland, Oregon, close enough to walk to the nearby university and art museum, enjoy a lovely blocks-long city park, spend time in stores and active farmers’ markets, but living high above the rush and bustle of active city life without being buffeted by it, Lynne Chase observes life, knitting or spinning in hand.        

Yarns is a compilation of (primarily) short tales -some tall, meant to be read aloud,- most taking no longer than five minutes -in small groups to spark thought, reflection, and discussion. Presented, seemingly, as the memoir of one woman, it represents her reactions and reflections as she is confronted with the changing societal structures of the pivotal twentieth century, how American social expectations for and about women radically changed several times during her lifetime. Her unequivocally narrowly focused opinions will provoke both agreement and disagreement, encouraging a lively discussion.      

ASIN: 1544637217