Tomorrow There Is Love Nick Polimeni

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Tomorrow There is Love $21.95 This book from a collection of letters between my sweet young niece and I. Often you will see dialogue which is spoken to a particular person. Such dialogues are the way I spoke to her. As I spoke to her then, I speak to you now. Choosing to read this book is an act of friendship and it shows the vibrancy of your passion to live. Therefore, I intimately dedicate my communication to you. I am a man. Who would better know a woman’s heart than a sensitive man, one whose heart has been taken over many times by a woman’s passion.In this quiet adventure I propose you undertake, you can and will build the dwelling for your homecoming. You will select each precious component of your life and each little tool necessary to reconstruct that which you know is alive deep inside you, that others have had you look for outside you: happiness, accomplishment, love, strength, and fulfillment. Yes! These things are inside you already and you can bring them back to life.