The Open Mind, Loving Your Self David Fishman

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The Open Mind $14.95, The Open Mind is full of insight about our spiritual nature and the journey we take. A companion for anyone who is interested in their spiritual journey, it takes you through undemanding thoughts to help you center your thinking away from the ego mind. A combination of prayer, meditation, and daily ideas, the clarity is peaceful and enlightening. A Course in Miracles works as a foundation in the book.

The Open Mind is the result of following a path of developing trust in our true loving self. Love the Truth, loving our self, eradicates the denial of Truth, and the weak self-concept we identify with. When we remove the defenses necessary for survival of the small, weak- self the Open Mind remembers the power of creation and takes responsibility for its relationships to the divine and all life.

David Fishman has been a leading teacher of A Course In Miracles for over 30 years. He has used its principles of spiritual psychology as a basis or relationship counseling. David is the author of Into Oneness, Thoughts & Prayers on the Way and is currently working on his next book.

He moderates A Course In Miracles meetings on the Internet and maintains a website at David was the Chair of the Hu- man Rights Commission of Yonkers as well as serving as Commissioner.

Co-Founder of ONE MIND Foundation Sponsor of ACIM Gather, a world- wide portal for developing trust in our True Self. And Open Minds for ACIM & NTI, a forum for its members to share their Blessings.

There is no new knowledge. No special wisdom that awaits our dis- covery. We step into this world complete and All-Knowing Beings. Our task is simply one of remembering.

Layer by layer, we peel away the perceptual falsehoods we’ve wrapped ourselves in the name of safety. We are really here… trying to remem- ber we are the Love and the Light, called into the duality of this world.

Every moment a step closer to Home and the oneness our hearts re- member. To be a journey of joy and adventure, we often forget and wander lost into the illusion. It is from this place, that your heart calls to Love, “What have I forgotten?”. Love gently answers, “your Truth is within you, and you are safe and you are loved.”

The Open Mind , answers that call to Love. A gentle reminder that , “All is Well” and a bright light on your journey into Peace and into oneness.

In full appreciation of this journey we walk together, We share these moments of oneness with You.

In Peace and in Love,