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Sexual Fluidity, The Gender Revolution $ 17.00 This is a book about binary thinking that has led us to many conflicts about our physical, emotional, and moral life.It’s about gender and the awakening within society, and the drive to create rather than procreate. Humanity is more than body parts, DNA/genes, and a brain, We are greater than the sum of our parts. I have covered, the biology of gender, the increase of transgender individuals, and the almost infinite number of genders in humanity. Multiple genders occur in heterosexual and homosexual cultures. Gender has little to do with our genitalia or our sexual choices, but how we interpret and see ourselves in relationship to the defined rules rules of gender in our different cultures. Every culture has a history of multiple genders. In the past our cultures embraced the difference as an important part of life.The changes we are seeing around us, the adaptations are all a natural force to create and survive, carrying forth the basic structure of life, intangibly as well as corporeal. Nature is infinite. Binary thinking doesn’t exist in nature, all nature is fractals that are full of wonderful patterns, infinite designs vying to carry forth the configurations for the future. Each new fractal in life seeks to continue its’ pattern and yet will encompass new if needed for survival and adaptation. Paleontology shows us a history of adaptation of life. Life did not continue to live on an either/ or basis, or a binary decision, but rather on a wild ride of erotic intelligence moving out in a limitless manner.Our DNA is the same, As we celebrate our sameness so should we celebrate the uniqueness each of us represents.

Double Chocolate $16.95 Double Chocolate is a poetry book of love… and all those things that go into love. Passion, Anguish, Fantasy, and Consciousness all serve as over all areas of poetry. A book to be read slowly and enjoy as you would a hot fudge or any delightful chocolate treat. Chocolate does release in the brain the same endorphins and opens pleasure centers as does love, hence the connection between love and chocolate.Full of actual experience and fantasy the journey of this book will leave you exhilarated, and on a roller coaster of your

Back to The Basic Management $24.95 An award-winning book that brings into balance the human equation in business. Topics such as leadership, listening, motivation, change, and communication are looked at from a humanistic point of view. Contains an extensive bibliography and index.Perfect for those who manage a small business or in a large corporation.“Back to The Basics Management is not a gimmick, not a technique, not a fad. It is the very essence of management– the philosophy, the psychology, and the craft of leadership .In 8 languages including Chinese and Japanese, computer training programs, audio books and 6 English printings. This second edition is even more relevant in today’s economy. Throw away your other books on management, you will never need them after you read this.” Library Journal. It has been used as at Columbia, Fordham, NYU, Shunda Technical in China, St. Johns University in NYC, and Williamete University Oregon. 

Sacred Intimacy $14.00 USD About intimacy and the part it plays in our longing for love, our sexuality, and desire for spiritual love and a sacred space. It is about a desire that we often mistake for physical love. It is our desire for survival that pushes us to seek intimacy. The desire to be known by our lovers and loved in a spiritual space pushes us toward intimacy. This writing is about what I have learned and know to be so about the nature of reality, of intimacy and love.

Radical forgiveness $11.95  In forgiveness, we find our wholeness of being. We find that which felt broken is no more and that which was ruined is restored. In the act of forgiving, we are able to compare two important ideas, pain and destruction with love and the unfolding of consciousness. In the Practice of Authentic Forgiveness there are five steps of a process. When you have finished the process you will find the Splendor of God has been released into your life.

Out of The Fire $9.95 .  God speaks to Moses on the mountain out of the fire. There is no voice coming from the clouds, stones, or earth, but from the fire God speaks. Stepping into this place of fire that does not consume but burns everlasting we are given the rules, laws, and covenants for a community of spiritual beings experimenting with humanity. The Ten Commandments are the archetypes for the rules we must follow if we are to go on this spiritual journey to the Promised Land, the land of milk and honey, and heaven. Just as there are laws (rules) that govern math so are their rules about our spiritual life and journey. The laws point to the direction we must take as we free ourselves from the illusion and dream state of consciousness. Ms. Deakins interpretations takes us on a journey through consciousness. New found depth and meaning brings us to the brink of a personal revelation about our role in the ocean of humanity.

Intentional Success $ 15.95 Intentional Success had its beginnings in China In teaching English to a business group of young adults I wanted ideas that they could read out loud and use. Every weekday I sent out lessons for my students. Out of these lessons came the idea of presenting concepts about success. My students wanted to be successful in their work and lives but had little direction and background. In my return to the states I found these principles were usable for almost anyone who wanted to thrive in their life. There are 40 days of ideas and mental concepts that facilitate your path of success in whatever endeavor you choose. Perhaps you will use them as morning meditations or evening reading. May your journey along the path of life you have chosen be successful!

When God Whispers $16.95   The journey of this book started 53 years ago when my first son was born. Until the moment I saw his face I had not really known what love was or Truth or God. At the moment of seeing him for the first time, I heard a whisper. It said I would live forever for I had brought forth in love. When God Whispers is a series of thoughts and ideas that came out of my study of Ontology. As I spoke on the ACIM Gather network I would prepare a written lesson that I loosely followed. Correspondence with others encouraged me to write certain themes such as Love, Divine Madness, Miracles, and Caring for Our Soul. As I wrote I often felt I was directed from my oversoul and my higher self. I don’t believe it is a channeled work but rather me opening up to a power greater than myself. The last 45 years I have counseled many on their path to self-remembering. In that counseling and teaching Prosperos’ Seminars, I have come to know that until we surrender the ego there are no miracles, we cannot embrace life with compassion and love and we find ourselves in pain and separate from the whole. Only when we surrender to Truth and God can we live a life of Divine Grace. This book is the journey I have taken. It is not an autobiography in the traditional sense, but rather a display of my thinking as I remembered I was a child of the causer of all life, Truth.

A Parents Guide to Holistic Education $15.00  There is a misconception in today’s culture that education is about procuring a job and a profitable life style. Education is, in the authors’ view, is about helping the child to develop into a whole person who reaches their potential, integrated and self-actualized, through being drawn forth. The goal is not to fill the child with ideas and facts, but to light their flame of desire to learn and spiritually grow through their entire life. In essence education should be teaching a child how to think and explore rather than teaching them what to think. In this way a child develops an inner sense of morality and ethics. Their spirituality is allowed to grow as their mind learns to reconcile the tensions and conflicts they experience.