Sexual Fluidity, The Gender Revolution

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Sexual Fluidity, The Gender Revolution $17.00. In 2005 I returned from living in China for three years.  The changes in Portland GLBTQIS+ community were very big. I began meeting transgender individuals and was amazed at their stories. Eventually I was faced with my own children’s gender questions, struggles, and pain. Out of this I began to write; fumbling at first with what I was willing to say, essays began to emerge that eventually formed the main text. Out of this came three years of reading, searching and questioning many. This book is based on what I have learned about gender, sexuality, and society in the process.

It is my hope that both homosexual and heterosexual communities will read the book. Perhaps, if I am lucky, it will help one person, or give solace to a parent struggling about their child’s choice.

We are at a watershed moment in our world. As a body we have started to demand the right to be free of the corporate world that tries to govern us by binary means and definition. The hue and cries of the binary world of us and them are the dying screams of a past that no longer works. We are seeing a moment of revolution in the very composite of humanity. We are living in a sea of sexuality, a sea of creativity. Male and female are dead terms as we are emerging as androgynous beings learning that we live in the earth not on it.

It covers the biology of transgender, social history, terms, evolutionary information, sections on rape and suicide.

300 pages, $17. 00 USD Plus Shipping