R is 4 Recess Rosmary Dimoff

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R is for Recess $24.00,   25 maverick 5th graders have devastated 5 teachers in less than a week when Angie Moff steps in as a substitute teacher. A wild ride through antagonism, insults, isolation, and a wayward rodent ensues. With patience, humor, insight, and a bit of sarcasm, Mrs. Moff tells the tale, as a glimmer of hope emerges from clever planning, academic structure, consistency, supportive school staff, parental involvement, and a dose of good luck to redirect this resilient and intelligent core of clever adolescents in search of security, reputation, understanding, and acceptance.

This is a true story of high classroom adventure, feral students, unconventional wisdom, empathy, and sound educational practice; an entertaining read for parents, educators, and mature students; and recommended to anyone pondering a career involving education