Psychic Gifts in a Modern World McGee

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Psychic Gifts $19.95, This book is about my journey through life. How at a young age I was trying to make sense of my psychic gifts. Thinking that everyone was like me. Then learning in my later years that in fact everyone did not share my same gift. Learning that my psychic abilities were in fact a gift from the higher powers. Guiding me in my spiritual life to seek out love, light and the truth. All the lessons learned through my gifts and life experiences were transforming me to better serve the light, love, truth, and a high purpose.

The biggest obstacle that disrupted my life and countless other lives, began when I worked with an unethical healer. The book is about the struggles I had dealing with an unethical healer and how my psychic gifts were able to uncover that deception. As a Rolfer in Boulder I work with a wide range of clients. Some of my clients work with alternative healers or are alternative healers or have a spiritual teacher or guru.

Over the years, I’ve heard stories from some of my clients about unprincipled healers or gurus. The stories from my clients, who have encountered unscrupulous healers or gurus all have a common chain of events that eventual bring about the demise of their health, well being and energy. It may take years for an un-expecting client to realize they have been taken to the cleaners by an unethical healer or guru. My hope for the creation of this book is to help people escape the manipulations of unethical practitioners.

About the Author

My parents moved my brother, 9 years of age and I, 11 years of age from the warm sandy beaches of California to the below 0 frozen north called Alaska.

Growing up in Anchorage, Alaska I became very proficient at winter sports.  I was the first graduating class of Service High School, class of 73. Then attained my BA from Western State Collage in Gunnison, Colorado at the age of 21 in 1977. Attended the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado the year of 88/89 I received my Rolfing certification at 31 years of age. During the summer of 1993 I returned to Boulder, Colorado to complete my Advanced Rolfing Training at the age of 37. After practicing Rolfing in Anchorage for 12 years I began to teach classes at the Rolfing Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

,After spending 33 years of my life living in Alaska, I was ready to move to Colorado at the age of 44 and enjoy some warm sunny days. By the time, I finally moved from Alaska I had served the community in Anchorage with 14 years of Rolfing. I then moved to Boulder the year of 2000 and started a new Rolfing Practice. I currently live in Boulder and have practiced Rolfing for the past twenty-five years. I enjoy living in the small community of Boulder, Colorado. With its’ warm idyllic weather all year round.