We Love Poetry

To Spirit Press nothing is more important than the use of words. It is through our communication that we connect and give meaning to our world. Our individual perception is as different as our thumbprints, yet our spirit vibrates as one.

Poetry is a highly individual expression of spirit and perception. We try not to judge any poetry sent as good or bad. Our decision to publish it is based on two questions. 1) Does it hurt anyone? No need to inflict pain on anyone, any group, or ideas.

2) Is it decent? This does not mean we eliminate all cuss words, but we do not except poetry we feel is vulgar. And yes it is a judgment call, but we feel as a publisher we have an obligation not to fill bookshelves and the ether with obscenity.

We need 26 poems in order to publish a book of poetry. Your work may include graphics and art as long as it is yours or you have written permission to use it.