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It has been ten years since the author first published On The Light Path, A Psychic’s Journey. In that ten years, Pete has experienced a massive growth in Spiritual knowledge, via his Spiritually Guided Team, that he shares via his weekly Blog. From the mention of the Split Souls Theory to a full explanation of what happens to us after we pass over at the end of our physical life, has in itself increased interest in the work of this extremely gifted psychic trance medium. His interaction with his friend Sam, after his passing over was a stunning example of how differently we perceive dying and what awaits us if we are not prepared.

It was this initial book, On The Light Path, A Psychic’s Journey that started many of us on a quest to find our own Spiritual Guidance that brought about this expansion Pete regularly shares with us via:


Having read the book numerous times, and now ten years after it’s original publication, it is not necessary to advertise Pete’s incredible Spiritual Channelling skills, they are there, scattered throughout the book, for all to see. In reference to low level energy interference, Pete wrote: “These low level entities still want to control the world they created, but to do so they need physical elements to work through. They cannot see what they are doing is wrong, but as victims who were wrongly accused.”

“They target anyone who doesn’t have a clear understanding of right and wrong.” And the entire inference was that without change, this low level energy would influence the most important of world authorities. Including many of the world’s population.It is a book that was ahead of its time. A book of personal experiences, of crossroads the author had to face and above all, his total dedication to the belief that being a good person was the individual’s responsibility, not the responsibility of others.