Mary Magdalene, A Mystical Journey

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In this first volume about Mary of Migdal, she begins her spiritual pilgrimage from her home in Galilee not to a place but to a person. She had wealth, beauty and an education, all of which she sacrificed for the rebel cause she joined. Most who knew Mary thought she was foolish indeed, ridiculous to risk everything on this wild spiritual experiment, and sometimes even she thought the same. Nonetheless, she gave everything to the adventure, and has a lot of fun telling us about it. The renegade group was made up mostly of ordinary and uncultured Galilean men, led by the charismatic Yeshua, who was able to communicate and connect with the riffraff so ripe for revolution. But the uprising they thought would save their people collapsed upon them instead, and their hopes and dreams seemingly smashed forever with the execution of Yeshua. Mary was Yeshua s closest confidant, and this is the detailed account of her transformative pilgrimage. It was a personal, internal journey, not for the man she loved but for the woman she was. It was a pilgrimage to herself.