Lowe’s Poetry and photography books

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Fishing for Snakes and Baking Apple Pies $ 12.95 In your mind, have you ever compared the difference between the many versions of God created by religions around the world and the one God of creation? If not, let the snake and apple seed take you on a journey through old religious dogma that has for thousands of years brought war and conflict into the world. Through poetic words explore the Creator’s world where you will find recipes for baking apple pies that will bring food to soul as it works its way along the path to enlightenment. Fishing for Snakes and Baking Apple Pies is a book of poems that compares what millions hold to be the absolute Word of God to the Creator’s words written throughout Nature. Riding along with the snake and apple seed could bring a fresh new viewpoint to your thinking.

Say It A Different Way $14.95.   To know what something is one must first understand what it is not – a challenge that requires viewing life from every angle. Come take a ride on a river of free flowing words, view poems in reflection upside down, contemplate the power of compacted verse. Open the doors of reality and examine old dogma through questions not often seen on the printed page. Truth comes through personal experience. Poems written in diverse forms offer an open mind the opportunity to survey life through a variety of poetic expressions. Observing life with a 360° viewpoint defuses the world of illusion, expands awareness, and allows tongue and pen: to Say It a Different Way.

 Stalking Awareness $14.95 .Hidden in poetic expressions, truth dances on a tight rope between light and shadow to reveal the contrast of life’s mysteries to the open-minded seeker of truth. Through the eye of soul, truth exposes long held myth and dogma cradled in the recesses of the mind and reveals new paths of enlightenment to the seeker. Through humor and enigma, truth uses the key of laughter to open doors to the riddles of life, allowing the seeker to overcome old fears and explore an expanded purpose for living. Through personal experiences, truth applies the law of cause and effect to teach the seeker how to walk the middle path between the positive and negative forces that do battle for control of the mind. Through the laws of nature,truth shows how the cycles of life keep coming and going to give soul new opportunity to rewrite old stories, delete old ways, and find new horizons. Through the light of truth, we learn that we are all in school and there will always be… ONE MORE STEP TO TAKE.

Phil Lowe’s poems have been published in New Millennium Writings, Side Stream, Nature Photographer, and Bleeding Hearts–a Knoxville Writers’ Guild poetry group anthology.  His photographs have appeared in Nature Photographer and as book covers for Bleeding Hearts, Hand of the Wind – poems by Geraldine Connolly, Catching the Dream – poems inspired by Susan Boyle, written by 14 poets from around the world and edited by Joyce W. Leo and Nathalie Roy. Phil is, also, author of his own photo/poem book, Waltzing in Triolet.

About Phil Lowe

 Seventy-four years in this life has led me to believe that each event and situation was designed to teach me who I am and how I relate to the Creator.  I was born into a religious community where the words, “The Bible Says,” assumed “Truth.”  However, by the age of twelve, I had questions.  

 My father’s poor health and early retirement required that I work evenings and weekends to complete high school and led me straight into the work force rather than into a more formal education.  During a tour of duty in the U.S. Army, I was assigned to an open- minded chaplain who was a true seeker of truth. His desire to expand awareness opened new doors in my mind and gave me a new quest to find “Who” I am and  “What”  part I play in the game of life. After the Army, thirty-six years as salesman/sales manager in the industrial tool trade gave me a new perspective of how vanity and greed works in the business world and renewed old questions of purpose. While playing racquetball I met a new friend who introduced me to the world of nature photography.  As I observed the beauty of nature through the camera lens, I realized I was reading the only book the Creator ever wrote. The images and words that came to mind as I walked the trails in search of the next photograph led to my desire to express through poetic verse the wonders I was seeing though the camera lens.  One step at a time is how I came to be where I am Now