Just Cause Reasoning to Reason

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About The Book

With the intention of sharing awareness with the public, I was able to find some time to do a little reasoning. I would like to give thanks to staff at Telecare for their positive support. From the beginning, I was able to do this piece of writing without the demand for financial assistance bogging down my creative ability. It is a joy to share a positive message with hopes for understanding. After such a good experience in writing this it seems there’s room for a sequel of some kind. I hope you like my work and perhaps gained something from the book.

The Author

It’s all about learning what works as I’ve found life to be an experiment. Lately discovering that some things aren’t easy to explain but I give thanks to Creator for blessing mankind with free-will. As a child growing up athletics took up most of my free time but after high school became interested in playing music. I was interested in sound engineering and what it takes to record quality music. Still learning music and it’s depths to this day and loving the journey that free play allows. I grew up listen- ing to David Grisman and Jerry Garcia, lucky me, and have always been a fan of their explorations in time. I find this life to be a journey of the worlds within us after all the physical traveling man has been through, so there is reason to recover what has been lost. As a young adult in Eugene, Oregon, I had experiences that I’ll never forget involving groups like the Youth Action Board and the Youth Empowerment Summit. I am grateful for the positivity among activists who stand for positive change in our society, our community, our village.