Jauren’s Desert Trilogy


Jauren’s Poetry is a breath of fresh air. Her poetry lets you see things through new eyes. Her photography and art form a full image of her attention to life itself.  A new part of her Trilogy is on its way the Urban Desert.  

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By Jauren

Inspiration to write poetry comes from many sources: life experiences, observation of nature, dreams, imagination, living in the moment fully aware of one’s surroundings.  There must also be an almost mystical connection between the poet and the poem’s subject matter to write a successful poem.

Often there is a repetitive image that appears in many of a poet’s work.  For me, it’s the crow, a persistent presence where I live, galloping its way into lines of my poetry as a consistent, often comical, image.

Establishing place is important to writing poetry. Giving the reader a strong sense of where the poem is taking place helps to ground the poem and its images.  Rhyme is not necessary in modern poetry; especially end-rhyme, which often sounds forced and manipulated if not done well.  Accidental, occasional internal half-rhymes are more convincing and natural.  In my opinion, rhyming lends a whimsical tone that takes over where imagery should prevail.

I guess you can call me a free verse Imagist as I believe that poetry should create images that can be visualized by the reader.  I also believe that a poem should reveal to the reader a way to see the world in a new light that few people take time to observe.

Abstract words such as love, hate, faith, fear, anger, etc., are all easy generalities.  Images that convey these emotions are preferable in poetry.  The more specific an image, the more universal it becomes.

Visual art and the written word are compatible. They can be interpreted as wordless poems, expressing feelings and emotions visually.  My first book, Homeless…features a painting of mine on the cover.  Tributes, my second poetry book, has one of my watercolor paintings on the cover.  This third book Urban Desert will also have one of my paintings as the cover. Photos I’ve taken grace the interior pages as images between some of the poems.  Suzanne Deakins of One Spirit Press is a sensitive and talented book designer.

My poetry instructors have included two former U.S. Poet Laureates: Philip Levine and Mark Strand, as well as Missoula, Montana poet Richard Hugo.  All three were fans of the image. All three, unfortunately, have passed away. I am truly grateful to have found One Spirit Press which has finally given me a place to share my poems with others.

I’ve been writing and revising my poetry all my life. I may not always be consistent following my own philosophy of poetry writing, but I try.  One who wishes to be a successful writer must write everyday. Poems come to those who work at it.

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