Intimate Journey OverComing Agoraphobia

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An Intimate Journey Overcoming Agoraphobia $18.74  A Journey of facing fears and overcoming them. Ultimately to find healing and joy in acceptance and letting go. For the longest time I struggled with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. Culminating in years where I did not leave my home, completely housebound and agoraphobic.

I had not yet realized the benefit of understanding family dynamics, recovery, and desensitization. Obliv- ious and in denial about the reality and truth in my life of dysfunction and addiction. Stress would play havoc physically and emotionally with my well being.

My senses were over responsive because of it, result- ing in perplexing physical symptoms and sensations, causing me to retreat and not leave my home for years. It would be through determination “pro active thera- py” self help, spiritual awareness and finally in re ed- ucating my thinking about life, family, relationships, religion, and the world that we live in that I succeeded in breaking free.

It is the way we think and fighting the fear, that truly keeps us stuck.
This is my story of recovery. Finally, to experience major accomplishments that at one time seemed in- surmountable and to excel in many of my life’s aspira- tions. It is a life lesson to be able to understand and gain awareness of the “dysfunction” that led to this dilemma.

It is a blessing from God and the universe to be able to live and enjoy this journey as it was intended. Never to look back!