Butterfly a Rose A Journey Through Transition and A Way With Words

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ButterFly A Rose $14.95,  Once every few years a poet emerges that is worthy of notice. Emily Pittman Newberry’s Butterfly a Rose is worthy of a great deal of notice. A journey through her emotions and thinking are laid out before the reader. An easy to read style, the reader is able to engage their own life in the sweet and poignant stanzas of her poetry.

She shows us that life is not all pretty dresses and roses. For Emily, as all of us, life is about experience, pain, joy, suffering, and making our way through, not always un- hurt, but always intact and improved upon. She is authen- tic and passionate, intelligent, witty, and disquieting. Lost innocence is a prize in her hands. Her wisdom is more precious than a pearl.

About The Author

Facts: born June 16, 1944 in St Louis, MO, and grew up in Schenectady, New York.  Went to Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA from 1962-1966.  Worked as a machinist from 1968 until 2001 when I wet on my own as a consultant after graduate school at John F. Kennedy University in CA.  I have two sons, Lee and Derek, 27 and 28 years old. 

A story:

Emily Pittman Newberry was born in the mid-west during World War II and grew up in upstate New York during the post war boom and subsequent questioning of consumer culture and the spiritual and political upheavals.  She went into the factories as a machinist to participate in political revolution and came out 30 years later as a mediator and facilitator.

After a long spiritual journey of inner truth seeking she came into acceptance of herself as a transgendered woman.  She is currently writing, speaking and teaching ways of living peacefully with each other.  She has two wonderful sons living on opposite ends of the country. 

A Way With Words $10.00 This is a book of poetry by a true renaissance man, Sterling Price Newberry. Born in 1915 in Springfield Missouri, he grew up on the family farm in the town of Strafford, became a teenager just as the Great Depression hit, went to college in the depths of it, and served his country during World War II as a scientist in a munitions plant, making sure our soldiers had the best equipment. He worked at General Electric in Schenectady, New York after the war, doing ground- breaking work on x-ray microscopes, and finished his career as the head of research in a small company he helped found. In between he raised 5 children, was a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America, and worked with his hands in and around the home he and his wife bought to raise their children in. Sterling also found time to help other parents get up a bond fund to build new schools and served as a school board member for many years. In this capacity he lent his voice to make sure every child had access to a well-rounded education in high school. In between all this life’s work he found time to write some poet- ry. You will find that poetry in the pages of this book.

 Sterling  Price Newberry is my father. In this year of 2015, he is 100 years old. Producing his book of poetry has been a labor of love for many reasons. Prominent among these is how his poetry reveals his character. He is a man
of science, having spent his life as an electron microscopist, a word I learned how to pronounce at a rather young age. Science is and always was his first love, and yet he is also a renaissance man, caring very much that the arts and letters should flourish along with science. And, my Dad lived by deeply