Billye G. Talmadge, Ph.,D., HWM

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Billye Talmadge, Ph.D., Ed.,D., HWM has been writing most of her adult life. Her interest in mystery stories led her to write for many mystery magazines. Unfortunately many of her writings have been lost with time. Her true genius was in the classes and seminars she taught. Her many students in public schools and private arenas lives are better because she was their teacher. Her compassion and ability to see each student as an individual helped release their potential as a human being.  Ms Talmadge was a forerunner in the LGBT equality movement. One of the early member/founders of the Daughter of Billitis she counseled many helping them to come to terms with the rejection of families and society. Her history and thoughts can be found in many books of the early history of LGBT 60s history.

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