Back Story

Before we had print on demand (POD) we went to a press that often used a version of the Heidelberg Press. This meant we had to store and keep 1000-3000 copies of each title. These titles fall into that category. Even though they are considered out of print, some may be available through the authors. Contact me at






Spark a book of inspiration

Unlikely Friends about the debates the sale of alcohol in America during the  probation period.

Discover Love a book that talks about knowing if you are in love and choosing the right partner. This was the very first book we published 22 years ago.

New Better Fantastic Job how to find the right job for you.

Building a Business Creating a Life lessons on having a life while you work

Angels Whispers messages from beyond.

Don’t Let The Song Go Out of Your Life lessons on keeping music and beauty in your life.

Northwest History of Saucers, Et’s, Abductions, and More. The first hand story of what was seen in Oregon.

What If We Are Love a look at our behavior and its changes if we see ourself as love.

The Next Messiah You, a look at how we can create our own forgiveness and saving.