A Witches Prayer James Meyer

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A Witches Prayer $13.95 This book can be used as a guide, for when we just cannot find the right words to expressOur needs to spirit, this book can also be used to help heal ourselves, as well as help through personal life changing transformations.Sometimes we simply need a guidepost so to speak, something we can use to further ourselves.

 Star Dragon (James Meyer) work is heart felt and centered on healing.  In producing his work we felt the artwork of ages past was appropriate and representative of his philosophy. The Celtic knots are ancient. Similar art appears all over our world in many tribes. Hidden in the knots are symbols of the concept of trinity, and cross. The Trinity has come to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in Christianity. More anciently it represented ideas that our languages had no words to describe. For instance the triangle is more stable/constant in nature than a square.  In sacred geometry the triangle becomes paramount in understanding the universe and its sacred beginnings.  The concept of three is also apparent in the very energy we are made of as is our world, the atom, the proton, electron, and neutron.

Whatever the meaning, the knots reside deep within our subconscious mind as archetype symbols awakening times past and our deep connection, existential connection to all life and the earth as a mother.

Dragons represent a part of our nature that is protective, and capable of extraordinary acts of passion and loyalty.  It makes no difference if dragons actually existed, their very presence in the mind and dreams were useful. 

Enjoy the writing, allowing it seep deep within your consciousness and awaken the natural healing that is present within all of us.

Humanity reaches for solutions, instinctively knowing that there is principle and life greater than the individual ego. In the dark of the night we call out for salvation, help,  and peace.  The creator source, the mother and father of us all is indeed present in all life, not as a physical being but an over all principle of love and compassion. Having said this it is in the end our own consciousness and thinking that we must face. In prayer we speak to the father/creator we carry within, the mother who has always been there in her pristine existence as the womb of all creation.  Prayer of all kinds is a kind of meditation.

WICCA and Witches

The stereotype of a witch is an old hag bent and presenting a poison apple to Snow White.  Fortunately that is a false image of what a witch really is. Witches who may not even know they are witches surround us. Witches (male and female) aren’t into black magic; in fact most of their acts are not magic at all, but rather the ability to produce magic by understanding and using the principles of the Universe. The ability to call upon energy forces, to understand the importance of the sequence of words in producing a prayer or seeking a solution are important items in their bag of magic.

What appears to be magic is in fact nature working at its finest, individuals being able to grasp the laws of nature and using them.

Wicca and Pagan concepts are older than any organized religion or post Christ (AD) concepts. Many if not all of the Christian holidays and symbols came from these two similar but different ideas. Even modern psychology has embraced some of the concepts of healing.  For instance staying present (brought to the for front of spiritual practice by Eckhart Tolle) is a Wiccan concept.


The concept of a Christ like figure was taken from ancient Greek and Roman gods appearing to the earth bound populations. Wicca, Paganism, and other earth centered concepts, focused on the savior being within and in the ability of the individual.  The existence of the Man called Jesus is not in questions nor is the concept of Christ. It is up to each of us to choose our beliefs and the archetypes we choose to have in our life.  Humanity has always sought the humanization  of the gods and their children.

Human Need

None of what has been said lessons the individuals need for a spiritual practice that comforts the individual.  There is a need in our human existence to cry out to the over soul, the over being for insight, help, and peace.  This has been called the god center in the brain. Whatever it is the need is there. War, famine, and inhuman treatment of others (as well as greed and longing to be known) maybe nothing more than humanity’s search for the divine and sacred within themselves.

These are those prayers and insight that have helped me. I hope it will resonate with you.

Star Dragon