A Daily Poem


The sensuality of life is God/Truth beckoning us,

seducing us, to stand in the absolute

in an orgasmic moment of ultimate sacred love.

An ultimate act in praise of the eternity of life

sex as anything less than this is illness,

an affliction

an error

and it should be burnt upon the altar

of the children yet unborn.

To see our self as gender ridden

choice laden

is to take the power of love

dash it against the darkness,

saying, “be-gone universe, you are no more.”

That which is so cannot be chosen

nor can it be classified

Sensuality and sexuality are experiences

and have nothing to do with intellectual endeavors.

The intellect does not enter the promised land.

only the sensuality of God can take you to

that orgasmic moment known as life

So we desire, so shall it be

(c) Suzanne Deakins

From: Double Chocolate A book of Exotic Love