A Daily Poem

Hopefully there will be a new poem each day. They are from our author’s who write poetry. Click on the title of the poem to go to the book it is from.

Branded Flesh

Blank pages left unstained and ink without use…
for days I have waited for your letter,
your note to tell me you loved me and wanted me.
I know you love me… say it… sing it to me, write it to me.

How am I to make you mine?
Do I dare ask to touch you?
For one moment of your voice saying
those most sacred words
I would sell my soul… drink poison

I see you in the distance
Dancing with others
Touching others
But you leave me laying waiting for you

Harlot, slut, whore… you give my love to another
Leaving me naked in the hot sands
My disguise ripped and
my last mask falling from my face

I see your beauty reflecting off the mirror
Your image has been branded into my naked flesh
Raw flesh begging you to say it…

You have branded me for life…
Fleshy love begging you to say it
Ink stained fingers longing to hold you

Branded for life… if you will not take me
Who will want this flesh you have left…
Say it, say it… I know you love me

Take my flesh write on it…
Burn the words I would die for in it.
Say it , say it… write it in my flesh

November 6, 2007

From: Double Chocolate A book of Exotic Love