Inquire Within Pamela Wright

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Inquire Within $15.95
A three-month death sentence; A “ride” from a helicopter drop; Grievous loss; Mission Almost Impossible; All topics worthy of consideration and report.Authentic and illustrative in its’ telling, Inquire Within poses questions and pos- sibilities for dynamic living. This book of true tales employs the art of inquiry to navigate life’s thorny, adventurous, and joyful experiences. You’ll find yourself nodding in familiarity at the efforts of being all too human, while attempting to live a soul-filled life. What is your question?


I have always savored Pam’s incredibly flavorful cooking, but the richness of her food for thought has truly moved me. What a lovely gift for my closest female friends and associates.                                                                                                    Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., CNS, New York Times bestselling author of 30 books on health and healing

A beautifully written and wise book that reawakens the deep, instinctual urge to explore and grow by asking questions in the artfully, potent way Pamela presents through stories. We once knew the mentoring power of questions as naturally open and curious children wanting to learn. Inquire Within takes this power to a whole new level of possibility in regard to profound discovery, essential inner growth, authenticity, deep insight, and heart-full connection with self and others.    Jeffrey Douglass, author, Living from Your Soul