Solving The Problem

One of the best problem-solving ideas is that you have to define the problem. Most of us think this means thinking about how to solve the problem. To define the problem, we must be able to see the causer rather than a symptom. For instance, a fever is a symptom not a causer of a virus. On a whole we see an action as a causer when the causer is usually deeper imbedded in the action. Like a fever we apply an aspirin, which does not cure the virus, and is a temporary solution to the problem.

Recently someone asked me; what the solution to the rioting in Portland is? I started to answer and realized although I understand the chant and the importance of reforming the Police, I am not sure that the police are the causer. And of course, they aren’t… it is the marginalization of people of color that causes the police actions. To marginalize anything is to push it, see it on the outer edge of the meaning, society, and existence.

We can yell and scream about treating all equal. But it is more than just equality that is needed to change the fates of a marginalized people. As an Ontologist (One who seeks to understand the importance and relationship of existence), I will say yes, we must change the consciousness. Easy to say but with little direction in how this is to be accomplished. I know from my own study and spiritual work this means we must get to the entrenched causer in our individual life.

To change the causer in our lives we must look deeper into our actions and reactions. Look beyond the fever seeking deeper meanings. Yes, a causer is rooted in our consciousness, but we must go beyond our collective meanings to our individual beliefs and prejudices and their causers. Asking the question what does this mean, when you find yourself looking at a disturbing situation, is a beginning. Ask what is consciousness reporting to me?

The police actions and inactions we see are the result of a deeper causer, like any fever applying an aspirin in the form of a reforming the police is not solving the problem. At the very most it will be a temporary solution. We tend to marginalize all we find uncomfortable or unexplainable in our life… To change the consciousness, we must move that which we have put in the margins of our life to front and center and take a long thorough look at our feelings, fears, and actions.

Take a long hard look at the language you use and the way you react to others. Marginalization goes beyond skin color; it goes to the depth of our being. If we don’t agree with another, rather than listening and trying to understand we “write them off” another phrase used for marginalizing that we are not willing to learn from or get to understand. I come from a privileged white family.I can be compassionate, but at the base of it all I cannot possibly know the fear a mother of color must have for her children in our current society. I have compassion and think about how I can change… but I cannot give another my understanding.

When I look deeply at my life, I must look at all those I have marginalized.I see myself putting to the side (the original meaning of the word marginalize) those whose language indicates a poor education and lack if cultural awareness.There are times where I see myself feeling pity for those who have less than myself. Pity is not compassion nor is it equality. Equality is not sameness. Equality is having the same access. To. Have the same access to food, air, water, justice, safety, education, entrance and more. Same access means the ability to reach for those ideas if reaching for them. In other words, giving a handicapped person a ramp so they can reach the door to a library. The entrance is the same, the method different addressing the individual manifestation of being.

If you are truly compassionate you will look at the dilemma of others in a state of reflection. What is consciousness saying? Am I without compassion? Have a marginalized these people? The story of the little boy who called wolf comes to mind. If a person cries wolf and there is no wolf, why are they crying wolf? To me the child needed to be heard and embraced. There are no wolf cries only wolf cries where the wolf is misidentified. Look within yourself and your answers, refuse to take the aspirin until you find the causer.

In the end we must all release ourself from the lack of compassion and understanding and marginalization of others in our life. We must forgive ourselves and others releasing ourself to a state of knowing that in Truth we are whole, complete and perfect.

If you are interested in more about this form of forgiveness contact me via onespiritpress@gmail.come.

© 2020 Suzanne Deakins

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