Free Webinar, Radical forgiveness

Free Webinar on Radical Forgiveness

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Being able to forgive is at the base of being able to rethink and transform our bigotries, prejudices, and attitudes that block our lives, keeping us in pain and unable to deal with our lives in clarity and purpose. We all are prejudiced to a degree.

If you can forgive, you  can move forward with the memories that hold you in stasis. You let go of victim attitudes. We can can turn back time and redo our lives, when we become aware of what lies beneath our surface actions and thoughts.

It is difficult to forgive because we can’t forget. We have a vision of an incident and we can’t unsee it, can’t seem to let go of a hurt that still aches. With Radical Forgiveness you learn a technique that allows you to:

  • Find where you act off of prejudice and biases.
  • Learn how you personally can help bring about much needed transformation in America.
  • Learn how our lives and decisions are influenced by our hurts, parents, culture, schools, prejudices, and more.
  • How to disengage the inertia caused by the pains, and collective consciousness of culture.
  • How to let go of guilt, hate, anger, and creative blocks.
  • How mystics have recreated their life through the ages.
  • How to forgive yourself, your concept of God or Creator Source.
  • There are class materials, and a PDF of My book Radical Forgiveness.
  • Workshops
  • Prosperos Mentors that will help you if needed.
  • A time to ask questions and interact with other students.
  • Nothing in the material will interfere with your religious beliefs. It is compatible with most religious and agnostic beliefs.
  • Free introduction on Thursday August 13, 2020 at 6PM PST
  • Write for zoom link and to preregister.

Instructor:  Suzanne Deakins, Ph.D. HW. M.

I have been teaching this technique for 40 years. It has been presented to people across America from every academic background and social structure. It has been presented to students in Europe, and Asia. Attendees Who have experienced this material have included everyone from waitresses, to CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, students, and management in America, China and Europe.

Unsolicited quotes from attendees:

“If Suzanne says it works, that she can do it, it does.”

“This changed my relationship with my family. We are no longer at war with each other.”

“For the first time I NO longer feel guilty.”

“I found I was loaded with prejudices, what a relief to be able to openly understand some of my decisions and actions.”

“I had no idea that I was so creatively blocked until I used the technique.”


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