Truth is Yelling I Cannot Breathe! Mother of all rescue me….


For a week I have pondered an idea. Trying to imagine what consciousness is saying about our future. It boggles my mind that my children, grandchildren, even great grandchildren are being saddled with a future that looks bleak to say the least. I see deteriorating buildings and infra structure, individuals sick from lack of health care, skies grey with pollution. What finally occurred to me is I am seeing; we are all seeing decaying structure.

I believe that my consciousness is telling me to rethink structure of all kinds. What worked in the past is no longer working. No number of patches and trying to return to what I felt was successful is going to work now. I remember Thane telling us in Personal Enrichment the importance of keeping up-to-date. Nothing is sadder than to see someone who is 50 try to be 20 years old. Out of step, out of place. Age does not change the beingness, but it does change the structure we live with called the body.

It is time we reorganize, restructured, reformed our thinking. When someone says to me, we need to change, I know their mind is probably hollering NO, NO, not me. We have known since the early 20th Century is  that the word  change causes a problem in our unconscious mind.

If we are to reform the consciousness that is relevant to the issues of institutional and individual racism in our society. We must gain an insight and form new concepts of structure that related to politics, economies, and education.  Without a fundamental challenge to the economic, educational, and political practices currently in use within almost all associations there will be no transformations. In our current systems, of all kinds, no number of patches will keep many from being left behind. Marginalized groups will become deeper drawn into slave labor and living conditions to survive if life returns to normal after the pandemic and the urgency of the NOW passes.

Current policies and changes, being suggested by our governing bodies, are not adequate to meet the plight of our world and its citizens. The transformation we need must address our future as well as make reparation to our past for the harm done to those most deeply downtrodden by our old systems.

First, we must come to terms how and on what basis our country, organizations, politics, and economic organisms have been based. In the 1970s there was a lot written on how companies were living organisms. How they grew and became individuals with a specialized type of consciousness. Old organisms evolve according to their own likeness and understanding of their survival. Only when an organism does not cooperate with a changing environment does it fade out. Survival is not dependent on size, but being able to read and understand the surrounding environment it must function in. When an organization overpowers it environment it eventually loses its source of energy and starves.

Capitalism in its purest form does not need to see increases to survive, but for there to be opportunity for all to function healthy within its environment, for its consciousness to include all in the system.

We are at a moment of birth, as all birth comes from a moment of pain and the need for new life. What can emerge is powerful transformative movement aimed at the goals of a true loving and caring society.

Truth is screaming, I cannot breathe. Mother of all rescue me…

© Suzanne Deakins July 2020

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  1. Living in these recent times have been so difficult for so many. Fear, loss, & primal survival takes a mighty toll on the mind & body. As I deliver needed items to people living on the streets and talking with them. I can’t breath is so apparent. Thank you for hope..

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