In The Dust of Our Planet

The smoke from the fireworks on July 4th, drifted into my windows, triggering me to think of the large dust storm from across the Sahara Desert. My imagination ran wild with, will we end up as a planet of dust?

The impulse of most sapiens is to maintain the status quo or to move forward only when we have a certainty of the future and how it looks. Our conscious-ness feels as if we can maintain things, everything will work out. Even at the moment of death the phrase of those watching is, it will be alright; it really won’t happen. When faced with the facts of change, without how the future will look, we think the information is false, someone is trying to fool us.

Shaking our heads in disbelief it takes a at least three months for most of us to incorporate the changes in life and how we will function in the future with the changes. Visualization of the future is chancy. Vast areas of dust occupy the surrounding areas of the vision. We see the car but can’t see the 4th wheel. Knowing it is there does not calm the minds wanting to see and experience.

In many ways this is a description of the kind of fear we are experiencing as collective unconsciousness as described by CG Jung, Freud, and Einstein. Because we cannot imagine how our future will look, we are afraid to encourage, participate, and help change occur. We can talk about the need for change, even understand we might not survive without it, but the fear that lays deep within us all, overrides our sensible understanding that the current chaos is one of birth, of change trying to happen.

Transformation, revolution, change of any kind means an alteration of identity. Thinking in a much broader way, we can see that America and its citizens are like young adults. We are no longer free to be hip and ignore the laws of nature, as teens will do, we must now act as adults. Our adult identity is immersing, beginning. The first thrill of leaving home to go away is combined with the fear. We are no longer the child of our parent, but a person of our own making.  Without our willing participation and midwifery, the new America, which is trying to come forth will still happen, just more violently and bloody than need be. Or the worst scenario is that America will no longer be.

We cannot stop the evolution of life. It may seem slow, but it happens with all life and systems.

Fear causes people to want to keep things as they believe they were… It keeps people afraid to look at the rationing of others, it locks into stalemate and violence. It tears down statues in trying to symbolically destroy the past. We don’t destroy the past when we change, we transform the basis that is principle into a new working equation. The essence remains. Fear has a purpose as do all emotions. Fear gives is caution before we jump from a plane without a parachute, eat poison, and act stupidly. Fear unbridled stops us from moving forward to a more conscious, aware life that can be caring and embracing of all…

Check your fear at the door, only call on it when really needed. Give yourself a chance to explore a future trying to be born.

© Suzanne Deakins                                                                                                               Pandemic Journal









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