Free Webinar, Radical forgiveness

Free Webinar on Radical Forgiveness

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Being able to forgive is at the base of being able to rethink and transform our bigotries, prejudices, and attitudes that block our lives, keeping us in pain and unable to deal with our lives in clarity and purpose. We all are prejudiced to a degree.

If you can forgive, you  can move forward with the memories that hold you in stasis. You let go of victim attitudes. We can can turn back time and redo our lives, when we become aware of what lies beneath our surface actions and thoughts.

It is difficult to forgive because we can’t forget. We have a vision of an incident and we can’t unsee it, can’t seem to let go of a hurt that still aches. With Radical Forgiveness you learn a technique that allows you to:

  • Find where you act off of prejudice and biases.
  • Learn how you personally can help bring about much needed transformation in America.
  • Learn how our lives and decisions are influenced by our hurts, parents, culture, schools, prejudices, and more.
  • How to disengage the inertia caused by the pains, and collective consciousness of culture.
  • How to let go of guilt, hate, anger, and creative blocks.
  • How mystics have recreated their life through the ages.
  • How to forgive yourself, your concept of God or Creator Source.
  • There are class materials, and a PDF of My book Radical Forgiveness.
  • Workshops
  • Prosperos Mentors that will help you if needed.
  • A time to ask questions and interact with other students.
  • Nothing in the material will interfere with your religious beliefs. It is compatible with most religious and agnostic beliefs.
  • Free introduction on Thursday August 13, 2020 at 6PM PST
  • Write for zoom link and to preregister.

Instructor:  Suzanne Deakins, Ph.D. HW. M.

I have been teaching this technique for 40 years. It has been presented to people across America from every academic background and social structure. It has been presented to students in Europe, and Asia. Attendees Who have experienced this material have included everyone from waitresses, to CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, students, and management in America, China and Europe.

Unsolicited quotes from attendees:

“If Suzanne says it works, that she can do it, it does.”

“This changed my relationship with my family. We are no longer at war with each other.”

“For the first time I NO longer feel guilty.”

“I found I was loaded with prejudices, what a relief to be able to openly understand some of my decisions and actions.”

“I had no idea that I was so creatively blocked until I used the technique.”


Radical Forgiveness


Collecting Bad Debts

For a week I have been thinking about what individual’s life must be like that have lost family and friends to the COVID-19 Virus. Technically it is called survival guilt. Many of us who may only read about it suffer a similar fate. We feel guilty that we are healthy and secure. We wish we could help, but glad we are safe away from the front lines of the virus and protest. We stand behind a wall of safety. We need a way of moving forward. We need to forgive ourselves. We also need to understand how we give life to the hurt and pain.

Forgiving is a sacred act. We go through life reacting, feeling, thinking, and being in our seven-year-old minds. We collect wounds, hurts, and emotional scaring because we have not learned to think and react as consciousness. We believe that we are a physical being whose identity and wellbeing can be damaged by the actions and inactions of another. Through the years, we acquire a nice collection of hurts and bad debts. Like most collections, we value these hurts holding on to them giving them value and worth.

It seems almost impossible to let them go and forgive the trespasser upon our life. The pain is deep. The transgression has become a part of our identifying story. We tell our stories over and over recanting the hurts and betrayals in our lives. Living in a state of pain, we separate ourselves from Truth. And the deepest of spiritual pain appears in our lives, sometimes in small doses, many times overwhelming us.

Caught in the pain, we refuse to let go and forgive. We battle our memories holding onto the strands of pain that run our life. When the pain becomes in tolerable, we reach for understanding. Like a small light in the night, our consciousness peaks through and lets us know there is a different way.

Forgiveness is a necessary element in accepting ourselves as a spiritual being. Only by letting go, giving up our old ways of thinking and seeing our life as consciousness can we forgive, or give for, giving up the darkness of pain for Truth. As long as we hold on to those whom we feel owe us or hold on to our collection of bad debts we continue to hit our heads against the same wall over and over repeating acts of insanity.

Take a deep breath, inhaling consciousness of being. Feel the collection of bad debts in your consciousness. Exhale allowing the collection of bad debts flow from you. The truth of you has never been hurt. The God of you is whole, complete, and perfect. You are a spiritual being experiencing life as a human.

This is part of what I have been teaching and lecturing on for 50 years. It is part of my book Radical Forgiveness available on In August I am going to teach a seminar via zoom. It is free by contribution. It will be for an hour an evening for 7 nights. You will be able to ask questions, and there will be follow up workshops. If you are interested send me an email or call 503-954-0012

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A Disease of Perception, the Denial Pandemic


It is common among my friends and family to shake our heads in disbelief about the attitudes and beliefs of those who seem to be in denial about the scientific facts of the corvid-19 virus, climate changes, fluoride in water, and much more.

At first glance it would appear that those with opposing views that deny the scientific facts being presented are stupid, uneducated, or simply the result of false information. But our beliefs are based on much more than just facts. How we comprehend facts, see life, and interact as communities are based on a series of influences in our life.

The world, the reality of life is distorted by self-interest, peer sways, prejudice, fear, and favoritism ad nauseum. Most of us are not aware of the influences our motives have on our factual understanding of the evidence for our conclusions. We tend to prefer explanations that corroborate our favored view of things and life. We seek explanations and opinions that confirm our prejudices. We will shun, ignore, and avoid any information that does not align with our prejudices and ideology of our group. Most of us even routinely assure ourselves that we are more objective than our philosophical rivals’.

We maintain our selected state of belief by selective attention to the aspects of facts that fit our view of life. When we are in a state of denial, we are in a state of self-deception about the real causes of our beliefs. As a country we seem to be living more and more in states of differing realities. The partisan displayed in our politics is playing out in our communities and groups. The justifications we offer for our philosophical stances on scientific data are infused with our unconscious biases. The larger realm of the collective unconscious is playing out in our individual consciousness. The biases, the need to belong to our group (often groups within groups) is leading down a road of ethical, and political destruction. The terrorist within each of us is winning the war. Objectivity, reality, Truth is being lost in a pool of self-interest.

The environment of polarization, prejudice, bias, and willful self-deception is toxic for any kind of real discourse on the needs of the whole on matters of fact. This is stymying actions that are needed globally, locally, and personally for survival of all kinds. Denial concerns all of us both as victim or perpetrator.  My goal is to help us better understand the unconscious biases and self-deception running amuck in our personal lives, communities, and national scenario.

The study of the unconscious mind should not be limited to philosophers, psychologist, or politicians wanting to sway our views. It is a study for all of us to understand our choices and why we behave and think as we do. This is not a study to tell anyone what is wrong or right, but to help the individual become aware, self-aware of our actions, reactions, and beliefs and the results in our life.

The word denial can suggest a disbelief rather than an affirmation. But it can do both, for instance I am not an alcoholic, (even if the evidences say I get drunk regularly and suffer many negative consequences) or affirmatively, I can stop any time. Both are based on an unrealistic view of the realty of the situation. Our tendency is to deny uncomfortable truths. Denial is grounded on how our thinking is motivated. Our motivated cognition is based on our unconscious inclination to process information in the manner that suits our end goals. Many times, we use a kind of overt rationalization of beliefs that retroactively invent defensive justification for our actions and allegiances.

In the next few days I am going to be talking more about denial and the unconscious mind and the impulses we are faced with in today’s atmosphere.

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In The Dust of Our Planet

The smoke from the fireworks on July 4th, drifted into my windows, triggering me to think of the large dust storm from across the Sahara Desert. My imagination ran wild with, will we end up as a planet of dust?

The impulse of most sapiens is to maintain the status quo or to move forward only when we have a certainty of the future and how it looks. Our conscious-ness feels as if we can maintain things, everything will work out. Even at the moment of death the phrase of those watching is, it will be alright; it really won’t happen. When faced with the facts of change, without how the future will look, we think the information is false, someone is trying to fool us.

Shaking our heads in disbelief it takes a at least three months for most of us to incorporate the changes in life and how we will function in the future with the changes. Visualization of the future is chancy. Vast areas of dust occupy the surrounding areas of the vision. We see the car but can’t see the 4th wheel. Knowing it is there does not calm the minds wanting to see and experience.

In many ways this is a description of the kind of fear we are experiencing as collective unconsciousness as described by CG Jung, Freud, and Einstein. Because we cannot imagine how our future will look, we are afraid to encourage, participate, and help change occur. We can talk about the need for change, even understand we might not survive without it, but the fear that lays deep within us all, overrides our sensible understanding that the current chaos is one of birth, of change trying to happen.

Transformation, revolution, change of any kind means an alteration of identity. Thinking in a much broader way, we can see that America and its citizens are like young adults. We are no longer free to be hip and ignore the laws of nature, as teens will do, we must now act as adults. Our adult identity is immersing, beginning. The first thrill of leaving home to go away is combined with the fear. We are no longer the child of our parent, but a person of our own making.  Without our willing participation and midwifery, the new America, which is trying to come forth will still happen, just more violently and bloody than need be. Or the worst scenario is that America will no longer be.

We cannot stop the evolution of life. It may seem slow, but it happens with all life and systems.

Fear causes people to want to keep things as they believe they were… It keeps people afraid to look at the rationing of others, it locks into stalemate and violence. It tears down statues in trying to symbolically destroy the past. We don’t destroy the past when we change, we transform the basis that is principle into a new working equation. The essence remains. Fear has a purpose as do all emotions. Fear gives is caution before we jump from a plane without a parachute, eat poison, and act stupidly. Fear unbridled stops us from moving forward to a more conscious, aware life that can be caring and embracing of all…

Check your fear at the door, only call on it when really needed. Give yourself a chance to explore a future trying to be born.

© Suzanne Deakins                                                                                                               Pandemic Journal









Truth is Yelling I Cannot Breathe! Mother of all rescue me….


For a week I have pondered an idea. Trying to imagine what consciousness is saying about our future. It boggles my mind that my children, grandchildren, even great grandchildren are being saddled with a future that looks bleak to say the least. I see deteriorating buildings and infra structure, individuals sick from lack of health care, skies grey with pollution. What finally occurred to me is I am seeing; we are all seeing decaying structure.

I believe that my consciousness is telling me to rethink structure of all kinds. What worked in the past is no longer working. No number of patches and trying to return to what I felt was successful is going to work now. I remember Thane telling us in Personal Enrichment the importance of keeping up-to-date. Nothing is sadder than to see someone who is 50 try to be 20 years old. Out of step, out of place. Age does not change the beingness, but it does change the structure we live with called the body.

It is time we reorganize, restructured, reformed our thinking. When someone says to me, we need to change, I know their mind is probably hollering NO, NO, not me. We have known since the early 20th Century is  that the word  change causes a problem in our unconscious mind.

If we are to reform the consciousness that is relevant to the issues of institutional and individual racism in our society. We must gain an insight and form new concepts of structure that related to politics, economies, and education.  Without a fundamental challenge to the economic, educational, and political practices currently in use within almost all associations there will be no transformations. In our current systems, of all kinds, no number of patches will keep many from being left behind. Marginalized groups will become deeper drawn into slave labor and living conditions to survive if life returns to normal after the pandemic and the urgency of the NOW passes.

Current policies and changes, being suggested by our governing bodies, are not adequate to meet the plight of our world and its citizens. The transformation we need must address our future as well as make reparation to our past for the harm done to those most deeply downtrodden by our old systems.

First, we must come to terms how and on what basis our country, organizations, politics, and economic organisms have been based. In the 1970s there was a lot written on how companies were living organisms. How they grew and became individuals with a specialized type of consciousness. Old organisms evolve according to their own likeness and understanding of their survival. Only when an organism does not cooperate with a changing environment does it fade out. Survival is not dependent on size, but being able to read and understand the surrounding environment it must function in. When an organization overpowers it environment it eventually loses its source of energy and starves.

Capitalism in its purest form does not need to see increases to survive, but for there to be opportunity for all to function healthy within its environment, for its consciousness to include all in the system.

We are at a moment of birth, as all birth comes from a moment of pain and the need for new life. What can emerge is powerful transformative movement aimed at the goals of a true loving and caring society.

Truth is screaming, I cannot breathe. Mother of all rescue me…

© Suzanne Deakins July 2020