The Mysterious Journey of WAKING UP in a changing world.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy  not on fighting the old, but building the new.” ~   Socrates

The worldwide impact of the Coronavirus has presented us all with new constraints, increased isolation, and amplified fears. Ironically, the bright side is that this pandemic has shed light on how important it is to find our purpose and to plan for the future with clarity. Now, more than ever, comes the question, “How do you want to live your life?”

TranslationClass offers a practical tool to help you become a Self-Directed Individual rather than an impulsive reactor. We do NOT heal, alter or change anything in the outer world. Instead we work with altering or changing OUR Consciousness. You learn that your True Identity is Consciousness and this innate identity knows HOW to live more joyfully, truthfully and more compassionately.

TRANSLATION Class 2020  Ten 1-hour lessons daily for 10 days

Dates: July 20 – 29, 2020

Times: 9:00 am Pacific; 10:00 am Mtn; 11:00 am Central; Noon Eastern

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Start Date: July 20, 2020

Duration: One-hour lesson daily for 10 days

Registration: Now open!

Price: $135 New; $95 Review

Special Price: For individuals impacted by coronavirus email

Course Description

TRANSLATION – A Conversation in heaven between you and your thoughts!

 It is time to WAKE UP and realize we are living on the threshold of a NEW LIFE. In this class we will explore how our beliefs, choices and prejudices construct our daily life. We’ll stretch our minds to begin to understand that our True Identity is Consciousness. And we’ll use the same reasoning process we always use to discover that the ever present, invisible Truth has already arrived; is here now back, behind or beneath our problems.

We face HUGE PROBLEMS today. In this class we will explore in depth how we can and must face the huge problems today (COVID19, racism, sexism, poverty, climate change, plastic in the ocean, animal extinction, war and more). We will look at how false beliefs play into these problems. We will come to understand that we are all connected. We are not separate. With Consciousness as our true identity, we have the ability to thoughtfully engage our problems as gateways and to live in the natural law of the universe which is LOVE, cohesion, unity, ONENESS.

We live in a “word-built world”. In this class you will learn a tool to examine your own words thoughtfully. Words are how you describe your thoughts, feelings, beliefs. Words are how you describe the world around you. You use words to describe your personal talents, abilities, problems, hopes and dreams. Your daily life flows from your conclusions. When Truthful conclusions are the basis of your thinking – you experience LIFE as an orderly expression of your True Identity. ESSENTIALLY this Translation class gives you access to the unlimited, ever present, consciousness that we all are. One Infinite Mind or consciousness in-forms, energizes and expresses through all life from flower to animal to human. Translation is a tool of awakening to the One Infinite Mind that lives in us all.

The Prosperos School of Ontology was founded in 1956 by Thane Walker. It’s mission statement is “To make Spiritual Truth an effective Force for ordered freedom and COMMON GOOD.” Thane Walker created the Translation Class following his experience in Germany in 1938. Prosperos High Watch Mentors have been teaching this class to thousands of people for over 60 years. A variety of workshops and group activities are available after class at very reasonable rates for all students.

About your Instructor

Heather was certified as a Prosperos High Watch Mentor in 1978. She has been personally practicing TRANSLATION for 50 years. The Prosperos tools of Translation and Releasing the Hidden Splendour have empowered her to GIVE UP many old problems FOR the deeper TRUTH that is back and behind the problems. She is dedicating the rest of her life to help others learn to TRANSLATE their problems – to discover the deeper TRUTH, and to celebrate and utilize their unique gifts.

It was through her 18 years of experience teaching ART and Special Education for middle school students that Heather learned to appreciate and apply the real meaning of education: To draw forth from within the individual that which is inherent and awaiting release.

It was through her 15 years of working with Louise Hay’s International Teacher Training that Heather realized the truth that the Power of LOVE is Essential in transforming the self.

It was through her 5 years working as an Artist Apprentice for Jan Valentin Saether that Heather learned what to look for in order to draw (not just accurately, but truthfully) what she was observing.

The best investment I made in my life is to invest my heart and soul and life in practicing The Teaching. The Teaching is ancient. It is the pathway to understanding that back and behind the world of time, space and change is…Emptiness, as Buddhism says; Or Nothingness, as Leonardo Da Vinci said “The greatest thing is nothingness”; Or “Back and behind the universe of time, space and change is a fundamental Reality that is whole, complete and perfect” as The Prosperos says.

Heather authored the book, Drawing as a Sacred Activity (published in 2002 by New World Library). She  continues to offer new episodes of her Podcast: Seeing With New Eyes.  All her work (teaching Prosperos classes and drawing classes, creating paintings and drawings) is focused on helping people find their power and put their wisdom into action.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please go to You may also contact Heather at: 760-213-6060 or

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