We Need to Stop Nodding Our Heads

We Need to Stop Nodding Our Heads

A long time ago, an editor of a newsletter I wrote, told me to give her solutions, not the problem. Most Americans are aware of the problems. I see so many of us sitting around nodding our heads in agreement. We keep talking about the problem. Perhaps it is the way we parse ideas and problems seeking solutions. These mini brain storming sessions can give rise to great ideas and insights, but like anything else, without a way to use and implement an idea nothing ever happens.

Deep systemic problems in culture seem overwhelming. Racism occurs at so many levels in our consciousness that it infects our actions, thinking, and judgments in ways we are blind to. Our unconscious is linked to everyone else’s in the world. Scientist in the early 20th Century were able to prove the connection between all life. Einstein, Carl Jung, and Freud were all able to show how our unconscious was linked to our actions and others. It has been my experience that when this is understood we have the chance to undo some of the miseducation, false information, and pain we carry in the unconsciousness.

There is a lot of talk right now about the need for forgiveness. Forgiveness does not allow a person to forget. And in there lies the difficulty with forgiveness. Until we can see a past hurt differently, experience a sense of being released from the state of consciousness that keeps us locked in the memory, we will keep festering the memory of pain, and confusion.  Nelson Mandela when asked if he hated those who kept him locked in jail, made the statement, to paraphrase, I forgave them, because not to do so would keep me incarcerated in my mind.

To forgive or get over our racism we must forgive and accept in a whole new way.

To rid our country and planet of racism we must take small steps, one at a time. Like a pebble thrown in a pool creating waves to the edge, so does our work create a wave throughout universal consciousness. One ounce, one dab of understanding and rethinking our internal racism on all levels helps the whole of humanity. One small step at a time can be corrected our racism attitudes.

To start the transformation, we must look at the science behind race. ‘Race’ and ‘ethnicity’ have been and continue to be used as ways to describe human diversity,” said Nina Jablonski, an anthropologist and palaeobiologist at The Pennsylvania State University, who is known for her research into the evolution of human skin color. “Race is often perceived as something that’s inherent in our biology, and therefore inherited across generations. Ethnicity, on the other hand, is typically understood as something we acquire, or self-ascribe, based on factors like where we live or the culture we share with others.”

Racism then becomes an intolerance of others because of what appears to an individual as different or threatening in some manner. In the 1700s Science started to try to understand the differences in individuals. They immediately went to appearance as a difference. In the late 20th Century when science began to really delve into genetics something astounding appeared.

They found that there were more genetic differences in one colored skin group, than between apparent “races.”  In plain language there are more genetic differences in white skin than between, black, Asian, and white skin. This is because the genetic code for skin developed over the years as different populations were exposed to the sun. The reasoning of the 1700 scientist lead the world to think that skin color and ethnic behavior was biologically seated in people. This in history then lead to the conclusion that some people were superior to others. There are no real genetic differences between any so-called racial groups. There is nothing in our genomes that clearly divides individuals along well-defined racial lines.

Race and ethnicity are irrevocably intertwined. When African immigrants come into the United States, they are no longer are Kenyan, or Nigerian, but they become black, which allows race to lurk in the background. Ethnic and Racial categories are social and cultural constructs, a human invention and nothing to do with object reality.

As we discuss racism let’s look and see if when It comes to racism if we are still thinking the world is flat. All of humanity is hurt by racism. It divides us, brings about destruction of our planet, and kills the future for all of the children yet to be born. Racism blocks the answers we seek. It blocks the longing we have to include life. It blocks the very core of human spirit. When we are prejudice, we miss the Einstein’s, or Jona Salk who invented the polio vaccine. It distorts things, puts a veil over our eyes…  Racism is a veiled term produced by those who do not understand.

More later on how forgiveness can help rid your consciousness of prejudices.

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