A Small Rant on Racism and Justice


There are many views of defense in our court system. There are those who feel that legal defense should be to free a person NO matter if they are quilty or innocent. There are those who feel that a defense attorney’s job is to make sure that the punishment is not greater than the law asks for. The theory is if a person is guilty of a crime there should be punishment, but  all law has multiply ways of being interpreted.

To me, to defend a person doesn’t necessarily mean to make sure they are found NOT guilty. It means to defend their rights and the true meaning of law.

In civilized society there is a general morality and ethical standard of NOT killing, maiming, and refusing to help those in dire need. Our legal system in a democracy should be more than just about killing, maiming etc. To allow those who stand by and do nothing to save an individual crying for their life, puts us in the same categories as the terrorist who slit throats on camera.

Our Courts have allowed large companies to kill, maim, and starve millions of individuals across the country for the same reasoning. Rarely does a marginalized person in any circumstance in USA courts have the right that is represented by the symbolic fat cat white male does.

History in our courts tell us that the upcoming trial of  Derek Chauvin for the charge of 2nd degree murder will be more about finding George Floyd guilty, than insuring the law against such a crime of 2nd degree murder is enacted and decided on.

Already, attorneys hired for the defenses of those involved in George Floyd’s murder are gearing up to dispute facts, and the apparent lack of human morality. Racism of all kinds kills morality, defends lawlessness, and destroys democracy.

Racism has infected almost every aspect of democracy in the USA. And if we are to believe the protesters across the world most other democracies. As leaders, we the people of the USA, have fallen short of our ethical and moral responsibility to show a path to a more human way of existence. A way of cooperation for the betterment of all. As a species we survive not because we are bigger, stronger, or richer, but because we cooperate with the changing physical and conscious world.

This is a watershed moment in history. A time when We the People, can change our world, inner and outer.  Our pledge of allegiance should be one that allows all to enjoy the right to live where there is happiness, fair treatment, the ability to grow equally, have clean air and water, food, health care, and enjoy fundamental safety of person and philosophy.

There are no quick and easy ways to rid ourselves of racism of all kinds. Long hard looks at how it infects the very core of existence for our children yet unborn, should be enough to move us to find answers. Racism is endemic in most cultures.

As a mother of male children, I can imagine, but not know, the horror and dread a mother of color must feel the minute her son closes the door of her home.  The young men that must ask themselves, am I next?

In countries where women have been allowed to take part in the highest level of government are these issues being really addressed. Perhaps it is the mother in them that feels the empathy. Unfortunately, too many of the mother’s have had to sell out sons to keep them safe in a male dominate society. Men have just as much ability to be empathic and mothering as women.

If you have a glimpse of an answer write me…onespiritpress@gmail.com

© 2020, Suzanne Deakins

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