Intoxicating Lunacy

As Pluto bounces back and forth in the sign of Capricorn the lessons of death and grief are strong and apparent. No one likes thinking of death, but at this time in history we have little choice. As the COVID-19 virus and its emerging symptoms fill hospitals to an over whelming capacity, our trepidations have moved from a general concern to survival thinking.

One of the greatest gifts of humanity is our imaginative brain. Unfortunately, it can also be our curse. While we can envision a future and remember, what we think is our past; It is almost impossible for us to imagine our death and the experience of not existing. However, we can imagine what life might be like after death. Most of us living in the western hemisphere have been filled with the idea of a heaven and hell after death. And because no one, who has been to either, has told us what it is like, at the very least many of us will reside in a state of terror. Many popular programs on Netflix, Prime, Hulu are all being based on the idea of an afterlife. As the programs reach for a life, they often display the anxiety of the foreshadowing of death.

We intuitively are affected by what we do not know and in the end what we do not know  causes fear. Because we can’t understand what happens at the moment of death such questions arise such as; where does our soul go; where does our consciousness go? Is it all connected to the body and will we, like Gilgamesh, envisioned our self-laid in the soil of the earth and be eaten by worms?  Is cremation itself the fire-of-hell? It is natural for us to look at life right now and question the very existence of a God or benevolent causer or creator force of some sort. For many Christian’s the phrase “for God So Love the World,” becomes an enigma of Truth at this time. How can an caring, a parental love, desire such harm and destruction?  Are we being punished as a whole world?

We are all contaminated via the collective unconscious mind . When any crisis alerts the collective-of-humanity we all respond. In the case of the COVID-19 virus our response is physical and emotional. Emotions like viruses are contagious. They spread quickly through groups, large and small. Laughter, sadness, love, hate, and fear quickly infect anyone whose unconscious mind is open to  the collective-mind. In this case we have the Contagion of menacing fear… This menacing contagion of fear produces an intoxicating lunacy. Like any addictive emotion we are intoxicated by the endorphins fear releases in our brain. The rush-of-fear has the same affect as orgasm, (and in some cases can produce orgasms), chocolate, alcohol, and mind-altering drugs. The endorphins rush through our brains, and for a short period-of-time our qualms are relaxed and we bask in the feelings. The popularity of scary movies is a good example of how this works.

This contagion causes us to believe we can remove it by blaming someone or something for the virus’s appearance. Sayings such as you are the blame, it is your fault this is happening, pointing to a group or singling out an individual.

This lunacy makes us believe we are above the law-of-nature, that is that we can pray our way out of the virus and our God will protect us. We distrust the science and necessary precautions we have been given. The lunacy of fear has many hoarding and unable to care for their neighbors. Sayings on cars such as, “I care for my freedom more than your health,” point out the lunacy, and the ugly side of our responses to such contagions be they physical or emotional.

I was brought up in the time when I believed that God was my creator and loved me. My prayers, meditations, and Translations did not change the course of nature when my daughter died. When people told me, it was the will of God, I rebelled, hated all life. The question on my mind every hour for a while was; How can there be a God who loves to allow such an evil? Through Translation I came to understand all disease follows the course that nature has created it. The disease that killed my daughter acted in its nature. There was nothing evil or bad about the disease. As all life, it was created whole, complete, and perfect. Like all life. No matter how you believe, it is in the image of the creator source or God. Meaning the nature of God of any religion is one of wholeness and complete. Anyone that creates will tell you that their creations hold a piece of their being.

In my world there is no conflict between science and God or a creator source.  When I was using the Prosperos class Translation, is when I finally got it. Science is perhaps the language in which a creator talks to us. Science tells us that the very first moment of all life was whole, complete, perfect harmony, balance, and beauty. Everything that has existed since that time still has this same paradigm.

No one can tell you how you are to believe and think. You must figure out the mysteries for yourself. No person, dead or alive, can direct your thoughts and understanding. It is only when you embrace your own nature as part of a greater source, a part of the human-collective, will you begin to glimpse and the answer to death.

If we are to believe our eyes and senses death is the end of something and the heart, the breath stops; what then? But no one really knows where our consciousness resides. Socrates like Jesus did not believe in a hell. Nowhere does Jesus talk of non-believers residing in a fiery hell. Both believed that breath ended as we normally think of it. I know that in most religions throughout the world this same scenario appears; life after death of some sort, but no hell, nothing that is known by mortal continuation.

We will continue to fear death, be intoxicated by the rush of possibility, act drunk in the face of adversity, perhaps curse our sense of God. In my experience of death is that in its last moment is often peaceful and one to the submission to the law-of-nature, and accepting of science. Of hell we should have no fear…

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