Isolation Blues


The longer we have to self-isolate, or keep distance from one another, our need for contact increases. From the moment of conception, we are with someone else, with another being. For most of us, our very being is one of wanting communication of some nature. We long for touch and/or words.

It is our nature to want reassurance that we are needed and heard in some manner. A baby cries not just because it needs physical care. But it needs reassurance through touch and facial expression that it is wanted and recognized. Closeness, physically, satisfies us in many ways. We feel the energy of another, the smell of their essence, and feel of animated life. When seniors are isolated, they tend to want pets for this very reason. The saying is we are rescued by pets, rings true to our inner being.

We feel stuck in our homes, caught in a traffic jam in our minds, emotional arid, and feeling our souls are slipping away. For most of us these emotions come and go. In a morning filled with sun and having a good night’s sleep we find joy in those first minutes and hours. As the day slowly moves forward the aloneness invades our thoughts. And as we did as children we reach for comfort of some sort, some kind of touch-stone to reassure ourselves we are alive, wanted, and needed.

There is no immediate cure for these blues, but you can help your self by focusing on ideas that make you feel well:

 1) Exercising your body, movement of any kind triggers the endorphins in the brain, and consequently for a bit the emptiness will disappear.

2) Eat healthy, sugar and simple carbs lower your immune system. Knowing you are helping your body stay healthy gives a sense of control over your life. The loss of a feeling of control or not having control triggers the rebellious teenager we all carry within. Regaining some of the control of your life doesn’t mean ignoring safety rules and science during this time. Find activities that fill your idea of control in your life.

3) Hold onto small victories. One day-at-a-time state of mind helps you move forward. A meaningful or purposeful project that you can participate in might help. Or perhaps volunteering to help another. When we work an identity of who we are and our part in life is formed. The loss of identity be it loss of a loved one, a friend, a job, et. all cause us grief; deep grief that drains us making us tired and often depressed.

4) Establish a different identity one that is not based on passing events and happenings but one that forms a lasting legacy of who you are. This is done by finding purpose and identity beyond our human state of existence. Get involved with something that is outside of your current beliefs of existence.

Look for The Prosperos classes on topics that take you into areas you have not fully explored, if you have taken classes from The Prosperos take a repeat, email me, or visit The Prosperos many meetings. You can sign up for the Bathtub Bulletin (its free and fun) for timely updates on activities local and worldwide. Write me at  for local activities in Oregon. We are going to start a free zoom talk (topics are around this extraordinary time in our life times) hour on March 11, 2020. Email me if you wish to participate. It will begin at 5:30 PM  Pacific Time

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