Fear and Common Sense

In today’s Bathtub Bulletin there was an article called, Coronavirus: Do not fear the Bogeyman. I am conflicted about the content. First, I agree that stress is the basis of many diseases. When my daughter passed, I ran and ran to work out the poisons stress and grief. I was warned that there would be consequences to the stress and grief. And then my son passed and of course it added to the stress. It could have been worse, Translation and RHS (Taught by the Prosperos)  helped lessen effects on my health. Fear is a big stressor. See post later today on fear.

So yes, stress does cause/affect the health. Having said that, the rest of the article is dangerous. This COVID-19 is NOT like the regular flu. There is no semi protection, like a flu vaccine. The situation in NYC is a good example that this aspect of the coronavirus is more virulent than others. NYC is at the brink of NOT having the equipment and staff needed to handle the influx of patients. This does not happen during the regular flu season.

To encourage people to think they can overcome this virus by not being afraid and stressed is unethical and immoral. It gives the impression that we don’t have to be cautious or have an obligation to our communities to follow the guidelines set by medical professions. It rings of the pastor in Florida having his flock protect themselves with prayer and ignore the medical guidelines. Yes, state of mind does help us navigate, but to deny the sense testimony, the world of Caesar, is to say there are two worlds not one. The physical world is a manifestation of mind knowing itself, which means it is Truth, and that it is our perception ONLY that makes it appear different.

The collective unconscious mind is very strong. And when at work, as it is with COVID-19, it can overwhelm us, because we are dealing with more than our own consciousness. Translation is not to diminish any world but to help us clarify our understanding of monism.

Personally, I am not ready to be really, really sick, and die by suffocation. As all of us should have learned that at a moment of crisis, with our own being, Translation is difficult to focus on when you are in the depths of illness or other crisis. The overwhelming collective unconsciousness is difficult to overcome and deal with at those moments.

This article also sets us against them, the medical professionals. We are not separate in consciousness. The medical professionals are mind manifesting as Truth. Not to listen or be conscious of mind manifesting and what message it is  giving, is to be foolish and ignore the principles of mind.

Yes, I am afraid, but not overwhelmed by the fear. I am doing the logical things my Capricorn and Virgo aspects recommend. I set up a cremation service, made a will etc, so my children would have one less chore. I am not expecting to die, but I have no intention of foolishly exposing myself and others or my stupidity of consciousness helping to overwhelm the health care system. I am following the self-isolation and social- distancing etc. I am, however, not making people strip and shower…or going to the extreme.

There is a line between common sense and outlandish actions caused by fear.

If there was ever a time for us to question our actions and understanding of ethical and morality it is now… fear is NOT a bad emotion, like emotions of all sorts they are a part of our nature and nurture, for us to use in our quest for self-actualization.

(c) copyright 2020 by Suzanne Deakins

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