Creative Living Beyond Fear


 I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear.” The famous quote from the novel Dune. Perhaps this quote was never more appropriate than during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a Capricorn sun sign, I have always had to deal with fear, be it my own or others.  When I first took seminars from The Prosperos I thought I was supposed to get rid of any emotion or ideas that did not bring me joy and happiness. Through using the techniques Translation and Releasing the Hidden Splendor, Seminars taught by The Prosperos, I gradually came to understand that emotions of all sorts are beneficial. I understood the importance of fear, anger, sadness, and much more. It is only when emotions get out of control or are used inappropriately do, they become dangerous for us.

Fear has emerged in all primates as a safety concept. It helps keep us safe. It makes us to stop and reason, or knee jerk and runaway. It is the mother in us that warns us of danger. In mythology of lack of fear is depicted as the young warrior who throws caution to the wind without thought of the havoc that his lack of fear can bring upon himself and others. It was easy to see this myth play out as many young students gathered for spring break even with a self-isolate order was out and guidelines were in place by medical officials. We have also seen fear play out in the hoarding of toilet paper.

The word fear has an ancient/etymology of knowing and being in reverence. “To fear the Lord-God” was meant to know and be in reverence of the “Lord thou God.” If we look at creation from a science point-of-view we know that it was a miracle, perfect, and happened everywhere at once. We each carry this beginning in every atom of our being. When I teach Translation and Releasing the Hidden Splendor (RHS) I talk about fear. I say, “what you fear you bring upon yourself.” What I am trying to get across is that what we acknowledge, know, and are in awe of we experience as consciousness. So, fearing anything is that we are anxious of the outcome we imagine. If we are afraid, we are acknowledging that we are affected by that which we fear.

Does this mean we should not be afraid? Yes and no. Fear is an important piece of our emotional existence. It is when fear overwhelms us that a problem occurs. One of the glorious designs of being a human is that we can imagine. And because we are consciousness, we can also imagine all of the sides of an outcome. The good and not so good. We can reason and think in degrees. Because of this complicated thinking process we are not confident in what change will bring. The biggest fear anyone has is the fear of what will happen after or during a change.

This fear of change is so strong in an unconscious manner that advertising agencies study how to say change, so it does not trigger the fear in individuals. RARELY is the word change use in either print or orally in advertisements.

In this conscious we unconsciously know that change is endless and perhaps the only permanent state. In this is our proven ability, as a species, to adapt and manipulate the fear represented by change to do what needs to be done. The current fear and anxiety, in my experience, comes from two main ideas, our ability to imagine the future and our inability to imagine our identity in the new state of existence that change brings about.


 In the Prosperos classes are centered on knowing and empathetic grasp of our existence as consciousness. Nowhere in the classes do we talk about getting rid of emotions, or ideas. We know as practioners of Translation that which appears as bad, erroneous, and flawed is more a matter of our perception. When we look at it as a math problem, we can find the right answer. And Translation and RHS is similar using the concepts of ontological reasoning. We find the an answer that is so no matter where we experience it just as 2+2=4 is wherever it is used and experience. To know anything, to understand any principle you must surrender to it. To understand your fear and use it in an intelligent manner you must surrender to it.

Surrendering Our Fear

To surrender you must allow a sense of trying to control a situation go. Letting go is scary to most of us. We have been brought up to believe that we are in control and that we do this by holding on for dear life and pure will. Pain of any kind happens when we try to control, rather than allowing our thinking to stay present and go with the flow of consciousness at the moment. To let go of pain, you must flow… you must allow yourself to become present and open to intuition coming to you as supra consciousness. You can’t judge, just surrender to it by letting go of old beliefs and control mechanisms. The control of physical pain works similar and has been a proven method in severe pain.

The key to any use of intuition of the moment is complete surrendering to the higher self that is guiding you. This means you must trust your higher sense of consciousness, in the Prosperos we call this the Supra Consciousness, the Supra beingness we all carry within our existence. Just as with math you can only know math if you surrender to the principle of math and the same applies to grammar in language. When you surrender to principle you are then able to grasp an understanding that allows it to be axiomatic, or so (2+2=4 is always so), no matter where you use it.

The Ego battles within us for control. In both Translation and Releasing the Hidden Splendor you learn to surrender, to let go of the ego.

As a species we have an internal GPS system that is always available if we are willing to stay present and surrender to its directions. Anyone who meditates, has a spiritual practice, or Translates this is the moment in history is why you have been practicing. We don’t reach the top of the mountain like Dante to find our true nature (name) by taking any path. We find the right path by our internal GPS system. By using our intuition of the moment.

I have learned when there is great pain or anxiety that I am in a state of belief that is not aware. By staying present and letting go of the fear, pain, or any anxiety I become intuitive as to my actions and realize I have the power as to how I am going to use the emotion. In the Prosperos Seminar called Releasing the Hidden Splendor, we look for the triggers, our beliefs and perceptions about life, that cause us to react as we do. We don’t try to get rid of the emotion but rather understand it using it in a more holistic manner.

During this time of crisis treat yourself well, embrace the life, and remember this is a time of change that we cannot stop by will. New life will emerge.

© 2020 Suzanne Deakins





Fear and Common Sense

In today’s Bathtub Bulletin there was an article called, Coronavirus: Do not fear the Bogeyman. I am conflicted about the content. First, I agree that stress is the basis of many diseases. When my daughter passed, I ran and ran to work out the poisons stress and grief. I was warned that there would be consequences to the stress and grief. And then my son passed and of course it added to the stress. It could have been worse, Translation and RHS (Taught by the Prosperos)  helped lessen effects on my health. Fear is a big stressor. See post later today on fear.

So yes, stress does cause/affect the health. Having said that, the rest of the article is dangerous. This COVID-19 is NOT like the regular flu. There is no semi protection, like a flu vaccine. The situation in NYC is a good example that this aspect of the coronavirus is more virulent than others. NYC is at the brink of NOT having the equipment and staff needed to handle the influx of patients. This does not happen during the regular flu season.

To encourage people to think they can overcome this virus by not being afraid and stressed is unethical and immoral. It gives the impression that we don’t have to be cautious or have an obligation to our communities to follow the guidelines set by medical professions. It rings of the pastor in Florida having his flock protect themselves with prayer and ignore the medical guidelines. Yes, state of mind does help us navigate, but to deny the sense testimony, the world of Caesar, is to say there are two worlds not one. The physical world is a manifestation of mind knowing itself, which means it is Truth, and that it is our perception ONLY that makes it appear different.

The collective unconscious mind is very strong. And when at work, as it is with COVID-19, it can overwhelm us, because we are dealing with more than our own consciousness. Translation is not to diminish any world but to help us clarify our understanding of monism.

Personally, I am not ready to be really, really sick, and die by suffocation. As all of us should have learned that at a moment of crisis, with our own being, Translation is difficult to focus on when you are in the depths of illness or other crisis. The overwhelming collective unconsciousness is difficult to overcome and deal with at those moments.

This article also sets us against them, the medical professionals. We are not separate in consciousness. The medical professionals are mind manifesting as Truth. Not to listen or be conscious of mind manifesting and what message it is  giving, is to be foolish and ignore the principles of mind.

Yes, I am afraid, but not overwhelmed by the fear. I am doing the logical things my Capricorn and Virgo aspects recommend. I set up a cremation service, made a will etc, so my children would have one less chore. I am not expecting to die, but I have no intention of foolishly exposing myself and others or my stupidity of consciousness helping to overwhelm the health care system. I am following the self-isolation and social- distancing etc. I am, however, not making people strip and shower…or going to the extreme.

There is a line between common sense and outlandish actions caused by fear.

If there was ever a time for us to question our actions and understanding of ethical and morality it is now… fear is NOT a bad emotion, like emotions of all sorts they are a part of our nature and nurture, for us to use in our quest for self-actualization.

(c) copyright 2020 by Suzanne Deakins