Erotic Intelligence

I believe intelligence is experienced in a multiplicity of capacities. It is possible to see intelligence play out at extraordinary ways in any community. One does not need to be a savant, or an idiot savant, to display gifts and outstanding levels of comprehension of ideas. Over the years I have seen a large number of persons with what is called high IQ. Some were able to express their basic intelligence; many were unable to connect to others with their gifts. There are brilliant people in every field of endeavor. From math, music, spirituality, biology, language, psychology, healing, art, and the list is as long and different as our thumb-prints.

The one connecting idea among all of this intelligence is the ability to see connecting patterns in their gifted expanse. In every person are levels of intelligence on many different topics.

They may not articulate the patterns or even recognize them as patterns until questioned with acumen. But they see and use the patterns. When I see and read a book such as Sapiens: A Brief History of Human- kind, I can see the patterns of thought. The popularity and acceptance of the work is that patterns are there that others can relate to and follow. The author’s intelligence is not just history/anthropology, but his ability to communicate the patterns he perceives.

If we base intelligence on a number, rather than an ability to perceive and use concepts peculiar to us we miss the rich tapestry that humanity represents. The educational process in most countries stays within a limited range. For the most part intelligence is based on what they have remembered from textbooks and lectures. If a child has a special gift, intelligence other than academic, it may not show until much later, if at all.

At the bottom line it is about the ability to see pat- terns, to connect to an idea from an ethno point of view. A lot has been written about IQ tests, I don’t be- lieve in them. I think they are relative to the situation. Human cognition cannot always be measured by logic and words. Intelligence is greater than any one idea. In the 80s I consulted with IBM. They had a group of bril- liant people who thought up new ideas and program- ming for use with the computers. These brilliant men had problems explaining and presenting their ideas. To the casual person they could appear as mentally deficient. To me intelligence involves being able to use it in a manner that others can recognize.

Erotic Intelligence is about more than a sexual fantasy.

Before your mind drifts off into sexual fantasy of a corporeal nature with the word erotic a definition; erot- ic, in part, is defined as an arousal of desire, a longing, and wanting. The wanting and desiring of erotic input produces a sense of hunger, of needing that pushes us to fulfill its kind. Erotica and the arousal it produces starts in the mind. All senses send signals to the brain that arouse it.

It is impossible not to equate human sexual activity with body and yet all sexual activity is really creativity energy. Through the millennium, we have equated sexual energy with sexual intercourse of a bodily variety. Perhaps it was necessary for the continuance of life for sexual intercourse to have its primary link to the body. For humanity to survive we needed to make sure our DNA and genetic structure is carried forth into our progeny. The consciousness is the source of what we label as erotic in our life. Society, parental influence, and sexual education (or lack there of) have individual definitions of erotic.

Our minds, consciousness, ideas of erotic, and sexu- al fulfillment are as diverse as our thumb-prints. Even identical twins have differences in their brains and thumb-prints. Understanding that erotic intelligence, this creative energy we all can tap into is behind the Gender Revolution. As much as this is about our erotic activity above the belt so is it about our desire to be intimate with another.

From: Sexual Fluidity, The Gender Revolution

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