A New Kind of Euthanasia

A New Kind of Euthanasia

For the last three months I have tried to figure out how the rent on my apartment could be legally raised $125 over the last 4 years. How can Northwest Housing Alternatives (NWHA) registered as a 501c3 raise the rent on Seniors living on SS(Social Security); rents that are double and triple any increase in SS? They, NWHA, receives government subsidizes for rents. I believe the subsidizes are federal and state. Today reading an article in the Williamette Weekly, they partially answered my questions. The Oregon State laws that apply to rental caps don’t apply to subsidized housing. Once again our lawmakers have campaigned on helping while they have screwed those living at and below the poverty line, which was set years ago and has not been updated.

Two sets of financial books? My building, according to my surface math, brings in about 400,000 a year before subsidies are payed into NWHA. Having set on the board of a senior housing company (501 c3), in New York City 30 years ago, I can tell you a senior building does not cost that much to run, even with the cost of today’s economy. A nonprofit building (501c3) means that nonprofit, money beyond cost is paid back into the organization’s services and not paid to any investors nor bonuses for management.

The regulations that are suppose to protect the elderly and poor don’t really work. In my building, all but a few, pay 50-70% of their SS or fixed income. Personally my apartment costs me $4 more than SS month. Luckily I have a roommate that helps for now. Finding another apartment is out of the question. New move-in costs for another apartment; as well as the long waiting list for subsidized apartments at 30% of your income give a picture of a bleak future. The state guidelines allow rents in subsidized housing to be a percentage of medium area income. It is the same bate and switch used by SS increases. By ignoring the real of cost for seniors such as rent, food, power, and medical costs, the increases by SS are based on areas that seniors don’t use as much as younger populations.

If a nonprofit is not suppose to be making a profit how is legitimate to to raise rents based on medium income to increase profits? Rather than their real costs. The elephant in the room is where is the money really going? How can Oregon persist to allow the rent gauging to continue. If the federal government says the cost of living only increased by 1.6% how can a nonprofit legitimately say their costs is more? It makes sense to me, that seniors living on SS and fixed incomes rent should not increase a larger percentage than the SS yearly increases. How can the rental increases on subsidized apartments be a larger percentage than the general populations? I suspect these same regulations allow starting rents on newly built buildings and subsidize apartments, considered a low income, are out of reach for most low incomes.

When does it end? Has the legislative bodies of Oregon found a new way to commit legal euthanasia of the elderly?

More of a Rant

Forty (40) % of our nations workers work at or below minimum wage. From Zero Hedge work on wage trends: “Today,  23% of workers in low pay sectors have a bachelor’s degree or higher, up from 18% 15 years ago. As universities and colleges raise their fees fewer are entering into higher educations.”

The feudal system of keeping the masses poor and enslaved to work for the land barons and wealthy is still at work. The rich get tax breaks the poor are charged more taxes. Forget about the elderly, but our children, our future… working at jobs that are necessary for our humanity working at minimum wages, sometimes 2-3 jobs just to barely pay rent. An example is most EMT workers are paid minimum wages.

A perfect scenario is brewing for a revolution. History shows that the imbalance and hunger for a morsel of equality is the kindling for revolution. You can’t keep telling the masses to eat cake when they can’t afford the flour to bake a cake and not expect a revolution.

We are becoming a nation of slaves.

Our education is no longer education. We teach them to read so they can read instructions and balance a check book, only in exceptional cases are students given music, art, the humanities that make us more empathic and creative. No longer do we teach civics, reasoning, and other topics that enhance a populations ability to think outside of personal needs. Keep our children hungry, don’t make sure they are fed so they can grow and learn. As long as you keep a population hungry, tired from working, and stressed you can lead them to a brink of death. Our population has become dispensable. The perfect script for war and revolution. 

Immigration Backlash

In 1980s a major report was issued about impact of immigration. It was astounding. Second generation immigrants are huge proponents of democracy. They are active in politics and social services for the needy. Many of the first generation start small business, 99% pay taxes and do not use welfare services. No wonder those in Washington DC, drag their feet about immigration. Why would they want pro democracy individuals that are productive rather than a bunch of slaves whose spirit has been slowly beaten out of them since the 1990s?

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