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In a seminar called Translation, taught by the Prosperos, we use syllogistic reasoning to bring our world view and experiences back into alignment, balance, and existence with the concept of axiomatic Truth. The technique takes the user out of binary cognition into a state of symmetry and perfection to a transcendence experience. Eliminating mental confusion, restriction, and restrained reasoning. Our education and early training cause us to become limited, binary in cognition, and prejudiced in how we view the world, reason, and judge our actions and those of others.

The ontological theory is that all life as we experience is a result of consciousness. Our consciousness manifests, what appears to be clear, palpable to our mind. Our experiences are the demonstration of our beliefs, education, and understanding of Truth, or axiomatic realities.

When you are taught addition you are being taught an axiomatic Truth, meaning that the addition of 2 +2= 4 is so, wherever you use it. It is limitless and unrestrained by our beliefs and understanding. It is in total balance, harmony, and symmetry. The example of 2+2=4 has no negative effect on our experiences, until we miss calculate it and come up with the wrong conclusions, or in error such as 2+2=5. This miscalculation of the equations conclusion can cause havoc in everything we do from our bank balance to the construction of a building. You can apply this same reasoning to all areas of your life. Any area that is having chaos, disorder, and pain is simple an area of our life that is out of balance where we have not understood the axiomatic Truth in that area… we are experiencing a manifestation of a misalignment of the axiomatic equation or principle in that area. We manifest what our consciousness believes.

This is a simplistic way of stating a process that feels as if it is much more complicated, yet is elegant in its simplicity. Those of us that practice the technique find we are able to navigate even the most chaotic situations without panic and anxiety. Bringing our thinking and reasoning back into balance and axiomatic perfection, symmetry.

When we are using this technique, in a sense, we are returning our consciousness to the moment of creation. The moment before the universal big bang when there was nothingness. Someplace in the recesses of your consciousness this is understood. All religions talk about this moment in the beginning there was nothing and then the god(s) created. As conscious beings we carry this information within our genetic consciousness.

The physicist studying the beginnings of our universe now know that the moment before the beginning there was nothing, no land, water, or living thing. There was symmetry, perfection, and beauty. The Higgs particle was whole, complete in symmetry. But then something happened and the symmetry, balance began to deteriorate, to break down into what we now call forces and particles of life. In the western bible this is written as that in the beginning there was nothingness and god created light, and it goes on to describe the process of creation. In all religions this same idea is repeated as if we were giving an explanation of the beginning of life. Science is just now being able to describe this beginning mathematically. In our genetic consciousness we carry the knowledge that the perfection, symmetry, and wholeness still exist in an axiomatic state such as math and Truth.

In syllogistic reasoning we aim to reach a state of where all our thinking resides in this state of symmetry, perfection, and alignment with axiomatic Truth. Perhaps all of our searching for an understanding of self and meaning of life is nothing more than a return to this moment of creation of perfection and beauty.

I believe in my own personal work I strive for this state of symmetry, nonbinary, perfection that I call wholeness. Each moment I spend in contemplating these ideas my consciousness comes closer to grasping the perfection of axiomatic concepts. As my mind settles into self-evident thinking and Truth there is a feeling of being released from my own mental restraints to explore the world with new eyes.

On the surface this can all sound a bit of what I call woo-woo or like magical thinking. To get past the belief in magical thinking we can explore what physicist are saying and learning. First a solid definition of symmetry: beauty from  or arising of balanced proportions. The saying the beauty is in the eye of the beholder becomes even more evident as each of us sees symmetry according to our consciousness.

We can also look at symmetry as a rigid motion of a geometric figure that determines a one-to-one mapping onto itself. For instance a circle is in perfect symmetry and is known only unto itself. Its symmetry is not known as a triangle or does its geometric perfection acknowledge any other figure.

Symmetry in energy or electrical flow is a parity between the negative and positive inputs and outputs. Symmetry is the moment of all life that is invariant, immutable no matter what form is applied to the axiomatic concept. Physical life no matter how it appears to us is not out of symmetry and perfection. Life can only be created by the moment of creation, which is symmetrical, perfection, and axiomatic Truth. The beginning of all life no matter what forms it takes is a repeat of that one moment of nothing becoming something. All life carries the genetic structure of its progenitors.

The axiomatic laws of the universe are dictated (as far as physicist know) based on symmetry. This simply means that the universe, to be understood, could be seen simply as a mathematical equation. It is by this mathematical means that physicists can predict what can be. Simply put they know that 2+2=4 is going to be the same no matter where it appears. 

“Life exist in a state of perfect rational symmetry. In a state of perfect symmetry is similar to the state of perfect balance. A spinning top exist in a state of perfect rotational symmetry. No matter how you rotate, everything looks the same. Even more so than a spinning top everyplace in the universe would have been symmetrical identical to every other place. But perfection isn’t stable. The slightest imperfection, the slightest little defect will cause it to vibrate perturb and fall to a low energy state, symmetry has been broken.” Michio Kaku on NOVA

The idea of fluctuation causing the symmetry to be broken and a change in how life manifests is important because it tells us why and how our thinking and consciousness causes us to experience states that appear not to be axiomatic. The unity of the universe that was at the moment of creation still exists in our consciousness as part of our genetic inheritance. We are intricately connected to the whole universe. The idea of this unity is a driving theme in physics as it strives to understand how it axiomatically appears and is united in all aspects. That which seems so diverse to our reasoning is still connected.

We know that the matter particles, the boson, force particles that hold everything together are related in a profound and hidden way. This symmetry of particles and forces hold a powerful mathematical (axiomatic) theory called supersymmetry by physicists.

Supersymmetry states that seeming opposite ideas are connected and cannot exist without each other. Light exist because of darkness. Negative electricity is because of positive electrical flow… they are coupled. They need each other to exist. In reading this you combining the white space with the black letters to form a whole concept in reading. In order to read you must have contrast or seemingly opposite positioning of letters on a surface. Hence the black of the words needs the white or back ground of the surface (paper) to appear and be. The principle of supersymmetry is where ever we search for it and many times in plain sight. Unfortunately most of us are trained to be blind to that which is so or the nonbinary, and perfection aspects of life. All creation is linked in a state of unity.

In the Translation technique we are taking what appears to be opposite that which is not so, that which appears to be cleaved (two) and that which is (one perfection) and saying on this there is a connection a unity that produces all there is which is whole, perfect. In Christianity this process is seen is the trinity … the father and spirit produces the son, in Buddhism it is the either or nor processes in which the acolyte must produces the third way in their thinking. In Native American philosophy it is the third being.

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A New Kind of Euthanasia

A New Kind of Euthanasia

For the last three months I have tried to figure out how the rent on my apartment could be legally raised $125 over the last 4 years. How can Northwest Housing Alternatives (NWHA) registered as a 501c3 raise the rent on Seniors living on SS(Social Security); rents that are double and triple any increase in SS? They, NWHA, receives government subsidizes for rents. I believe the subsidizes are federal and state. Today reading an article in the Williamette Weekly, they partially answered my questions. The Oregon State laws that apply to rental caps don’t apply to subsidized housing. Once again our lawmakers have campaigned on helping while they have screwed those living at and below the poverty line, which was set years ago and has not been updated.

Two sets of financial books? My building, according to my surface math, brings in about 400,000 a year before subsidies are payed into NWHA. Having set on the board of a senior housing company (501 c3), in New York City 30 years ago, I can tell you a senior building does not cost that much to run, even with the cost of today’s economy. A nonprofit building (501c3) means that nonprofit, money beyond cost is paid back into the organization’s services and not paid to any investors nor bonuses for management.

The regulations that are suppose to protect the elderly and poor don’t really work. In my building, all but a few, pay 50-70% of their SS or fixed income. Personally my apartment costs me $4 more than SS month. Luckily I have a roommate that helps for now. Finding another apartment is out of the question. New move-in costs for another apartment; as well as the long waiting list for subsidized apartments at 30% of your income give a picture of a bleak future. The state guidelines allow rents in subsidized housing to be a percentage of medium area income. It is the same bate and switch used by SS increases. By ignoring the real of cost for seniors such as rent, food, power, and medical costs, the increases by SS are based on areas that seniors don’t use as much as younger populations.

If a nonprofit is not suppose to be making a profit how is legitimate to to raise rents based on medium income to increase profits? Rather than their real costs. The elephant in the room is where is the money really going? How can Oregon persist to allow the rent gauging to continue. If the federal government says the cost of living only increased by 1.6% how can a nonprofit legitimately say their costs is more? It makes sense to me, that seniors living on SS and fixed incomes rent should not increase a larger percentage than the SS yearly increases. How can the rental increases on subsidized apartments be a larger percentage than the general populations? I suspect these same regulations allow starting rents on newly built buildings and subsidize apartments, considered a low income, are out of reach for most low incomes.

When does it end? Has the legislative bodies of Oregon found a new way to commit legal euthanasia of the elderly?

More of a Rant

Forty (40) % of our nations workers work at or below minimum wage. From Zero Hedge work on wage trends: “Today,  23% of workers in low pay sectors have a bachelor’s degree or higher, up from 18% 15 years ago. As universities and colleges raise their fees fewer are entering into higher educations.”

The feudal system of keeping the masses poor and enslaved to work for the land barons and wealthy is still at work. The rich get tax breaks the poor are charged more taxes. Forget about the elderly, but our children, our future… working at jobs that are necessary for our humanity working at minimum wages, sometimes 2-3 jobs just to barely pay rent. An example is most EMT workers are paid minimum wages.

A perfect scenario is brewing for a revolution. History shows that the imbalance and hunger for a morsel of equality is the kindling for revolution. You can’t keep telling the masses to eat cake when they can’t afford the flour to bake a cake and not expect a revolution.

We are becoming a nation of slaves.

Our education is no longer education. We teach them to read so they can read instructions and balance a check book, only in exceptional cases are students given music, art, the humanities that make us more empathic and creative. No longer do we teach civics, reasoning, and other topics that enhance a populations ability to think outside of personal needs. Keep our children hungry, don’t make sure they are fed so they can grow and learn. As long as you keep a population hungry, tired from working, and stressed you can lead them to a brink of death. Our population has become dispensable. The perfect script for war and revolution. 

Immigration Backlash

In 1980s a major report was issued about impact of immigration. It was astounding. Second generation immigrants are huge proponents of democracy. They are active in politics and social services for the needy. Many of the first generation start small business, 99% pay taxes and do not use welfare services. No wonder those in Washington DC, drag their feet about immigration. Why would they want pro democracy individuals that are productive rather than a bunch of slaves whose spirit has been slowly beaten out of them since the 1990s?