Queer Love

The first page of the Chapter called Queer Love in my new book Sexual Fluidity the Gender Revolution release date November 2019

I think the only real queer people are those who have not learned to love. But the conundrum queer love is the only love that exists. It is love beyond reason. It is connected directly to creativity and sexuality. You can have coition without emotional love and attachment, but the moment of orgasm is a moment of love. Like gender there are as many different states of love as there are individuals. To define love as a “deep state of affection, or intimacy, attachment, warmth etc. is limiting it in my thinking. To love even for a second is to recognize the divinity of all life. Love is as multi dimensional as gender.

Queer love allows a definition beyond love as parent to child, man to woman, owner to pet. It allows the individual to find love in every crook and cranny of existence of life. In the joy of a painting, music, a queen strutting in a PRIDE parade, a new law recognizing the rights of queer folks, a partner, an accomplishment of a friend, a family classified as a homosexual with children, accepting the down trodden and ill. Perhaps this is a mother Teresa type of love I am not sure. What I am sure of is that the more I research, read, and talk to the GLBTQI community the more expansive the definition of love becomes.

Epiphanies, revelations, truly spiritual moments are not handed to us in a state without desire… to numb our self to desire and passion is to take away the possibility of intimacy with our divine nature.

© Suzanne Deakins 2016-2019


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