Don’t be Complicit

Today’s tweet, July 15, 2019, by Trump had the desired effect. He threw enough garbage out there to derail the energy from situation of the dehumanizing of a group of people, especially children. I believe it is not Trump (he is the instigator) but ourselves that is keeping us in this dehumanize state. As long as our feeble protests remain ineffectual, we follow the path of those citizens in Germany during the time of Hitler. Citizens who had allowed Hitler and other murders to sway the very soul of a country to allow evil to exist are the true causers. We must stop being collusion in the non-action of the Senate and Congress and not allow ourselves to be diverted by Trump.

As long as our voices remain in sotto (hushed) our soul will continue to be destroyed as a nation and individuals. There may be forgiveness by a powerful energy some call God or even a personal forgiveness, but it is impossible to atone for the inhumane treatment of children, or the death of a child via neglect or greed.

Do not allow a sick individual divert us from the path of humanitarian consciousness. Do not allow your soul to be damaged because you are afraid to shout, or give up you sotto voice.

From the very beginning our country (USA) has been complicit in acts of cruelty toward others we felt were different. You have only to look back at the treatment of Native Americans, African Americans, and the Japanese. This current situation is no different. Now is the time to stop the pattern of inhuman treatment of others because of differences. Stand up shout from the roof top embrace the differences of neighbors, embrace those who are in need, and most of all take you soul out of mothballs and set it free.

Put pressure on your representatives whatever you feel will help. Tell them to stop agreeing to the destruction of the American Soul.

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