Multidimensional Gender

I learn by writing and painting. This book came to life because I wanted to better understand my androgynous children and my two daughters who are transgender. The more I write the more I have begun to realize how many dimensions are involved in our human experience. Each dimension a reality that blends and merges into the other creating new fractals of being and consciousness.

In a GLPTIQ person masculine and feminine don’t have the same counter parts in the hetro world. The dimensionality moves these in a different direction. This is what I know to be so from my own experiences. Transgender is more than just feeling like the opposite sex internally from the external manifestation of gender. For a transgender there is a feeling of something desperately wrong, perhaps emotionally like being in a dream state and not being able to wake up to their true self. I have had one transgender person describe it as being angry trying to fight your way out of a cobweb covering.

In an androgynous state that is not being expressed it is more like having a box of chocolate and not allowing your self to taste it. A pressure to use, taste, smell, and experience a hidden desire, almost erotic and definitely exotic hidden within the consciousness. Not until this state is experience does the individual feel whole. It is similar to a moment of orgasm, for that second of indescribable pleasure that brings about completeness. In the end the infinite genders are all androgynous, but how they express this and use it has no singular or binary description.

The individual life experiences create a uniqueness, a gender and consciousness thumbprint unlike any other in a person. The consequences of this are a universe of conscious reality like no one else posse. It is the differences, the uniqueness of our consciousness that makes us a singular body as humanity. For too long we have looked to the sameness to connect us. Life survives not because of sameness but because of the diversity that allows us to adapt to changing environments and conscious realities. Through our diversity we become strong and fit able to face the changing realities of life. Those who cannot move from a binary existence to one of multiplicity in gender and expression of love will not survive.

When two of these conscious realities meet and find themselves attracted their blending creates further realities unlike any other thus producing queer love. The pairing they form cannot be labeled as binary, nor can the family unit that might emerge. As we start to recognize the infinite manifestation of gender and queer love we must also salute the infinite pairing and coupling that produces family structure unlike any that have been experienced before. While gender and families are unique they also carry similarity to life as we have known it until now.

It is my experiences that until we are free from all of the binary boxes can we be truly creative and alive.

(c) 2019 Suzanne Deakins                                                                                                              from Sexual Fluidity the Gender Revolution. 

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