Don’t be Complicit

Today’s tweet, July 15, 2019, by Trump had the desired effect. He threw enough garbage out there to derail the energy from situation of the dehumanizing of a group of people, especially children. I believe it is not Trump (he is the instigator) but ourselves that is keeping us in this dehumanize state. As long as our feeble protests remain ineffectual, we follow the path of those citizens in Germany during the time of Hitler. Citizens who had allowed Hitler and other murders to sway the very soul of a country to allow evil to exist are the true causers. We must stop being collusion in the non-action of the Senate and Congress and not allow ourselves to be diverted by Trump.

As long as our voices remain in sotto (hushed) our soul will continue to be destroyed as a nation and individuals. There may be forgiveness by a powerful energy some call God or even a personal forgiveness, but it is impossible to atone for the inhumane treatment of children, or the death of a child via neglect or greed.

Do not allow a sick individual divert us from the path of humanitarian consciousness. Do not allow your soul to be damaged because you are afraid to shout, or give up you sotto voice.

From the very beginning our country (USA) has been complicit in acts of cruelty toward others we felt were different. You have only to look back at the treatment of Native Americans, African Americans, and the Japanese. This current situation is no different. Now is the time to stop the pattern of inhuman treatment of others because of differences. Stand up shout from the roof top embrace the differences of neighbors, embrace those who are in need, and most of all take you soul out of mothballs and set it free.

Put pressure on your representatives whatever you feel will help. Tell them to stop agreeing to the destruction of the American Soul.

Languages Of The Gender Revolution

 Language is magical. Out of our words we create a reality. As we name life so are we. Trying to define the indefinable creates binary definitions. For instance trying to describe hot. There is nothing that is 100% hot. How do you describe the degree of hot that is the ultimate hot to you? Nothing is 100 %, hot, cold, light, or, or, or. This same idea is present when we label someone with an adjective or try to designate gender. In no way is a femme 100% femme in bed or in life. There is still a piece of butch residing in her. Pronouns are another way we limit our thinking and world about each other. It is within the grey areas of life that we find the truth. The extremes of binary thinking, either or thought, black and white leave us without depth and color. The stale and flat appearance of binary thinking is like believing the world is flat and it has an edge of no return.

When in a meeting comprised of GLBTQIS members’ pronouns are always introduced when giving our names. To me this is confusing, mainly because I can’t imagine how our gender plays any part in a business meeting. I personally find it hard to say I am her, or CIS, or, or, or. I don’t feel like I am one idea. I am an infinite number of genders depending on the situation at hand and what is needed. I am androgynous, all genders and all degrees of gender at the same time. Because I am consciousness I can call on all or none of what is available to be used. As consciousness my gender is being produced by my actions, thoughts, and beliefs. I have come to see that each of us is a gender unique to our consciousness.

Comprehension of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives usually starts with a mental picture in the mind. Early in life our brain translates these pictures into words we understand. The greater our experience the more pictures we have and thus more language/words to communicate our thoughts and ideas. The greater the grasp of language the more intelligent a person is appears. This is not a real measure of intelligence, as ability comes in an infinite array of concepts. All of this plays into the need for us to come to a new understanding of the organic nature of language and the part it plays in our humanity and freeing us from a binary system.

Reaching out connecting with another is one of the most important behaviors of humanity. It appears that we don’t feel alive without this language connection. And as with any organic matter it is diverse in its meanings and use among similar societies. English and High German are the only two languages that have the ability to create new words and easily change meaning and the context use of words. This ability is so important to the survival of the species (again a kind of diversity evolving) that we have created memes that are invading almost all cultures on our planet. Unless a language diversifies it cannot embrace the changing consciousness of humanity. A good example of this is the Chinese; in order to move into our current age of technology their scientist must learn either German or English as Mandarin has no way of making new words or language to describe the diversity of engineering. In Mandarin they must say, “man who walks among the stars” instead of astronauts. They are left with needing to use English because the form of the language will not diversify enough to accommodate.

The mandate of all life is survival, to communicate, and connect to the changing consciousness. This survival and communication push is forceful enough to go beyond any boundaries that humanity might find important. It transcends culture, family, and religion. The 21st Century phenomenon of memes is a good example of the push of consciousness ideas into every technical culture on earth.

The world of memes is noteworthy for two reasons: it is a worldwide social phenomenon, and memes behave like a mass of infectious flu and cold viruses, traveling from person to person quickly through social media. The memes of English are changing the very structure of culture and consciousness. They are transmitting the new meanings and diversity of the organic changes happening in language of the emerging gender revolution. The changes and revolution that is being created it is no wonder so many sovereignties try to block USA social media. Our memes are changing not only our language and culture, but also those of the technical countries.

Memes are able to transmit meanings that the words have not been able to do so far. A picture crosses language barriers, creates a reality, and allows the person seeing it to create a concept and language meaning within their thinking. I believe that PRIDE parades create a kind of meme for the world. Saying “this is us, all the variety and infinite existence. Even if you kill out one variety of us there are too many now.” Like seeds bursting forth from a pod the growth and revolutions happening around gender can’t be taken back. Without lifting a stick or a gun the revolution began with words, with names the world has yet to fully understand.

Even Capitalism has not been able to swallow up this gender revolution and make money off of it. The diversity of gender has outsmarted the capitalist. There is too much gender diversity to put into a box and label it as a product for sale. Diversity has always been a key to survival. Seeing that language is organic and grows and changes, understanding  all organic life is complicated but in the end  the simplicity and harmony of life prevails. The capitalistic way of annihilating creative life by labeling and wrapping it in a box to be sold is gone. The recent laws enacted against transgender beings and bathrooms, abortion, and immigration are simply the screams of a dying beast whose life of destruction is about to end.

© 2019 Suzanne Deakins from                                                                                             Sexual Fluidity The Gender Revolution





Multidimensional Gender

I learn by writing and painting. This book came to life because I wanted to better understand my androgynous children and my two daughters who are transgender. The more I write the more I have begun to realize how many dimensions are involved in our human experience. Each dimension a reality that blends and merges into the other creating new fractals of being and consciousness.

In a GLPTIQ person masculine and feminine don’t have the same counter parts in the hetro world. The dimensionality moves these in a different direction. This is what I know to be so from my own experiences. Transgender is more than just feeling like the opposite sex internally from the external manifestation of gender. For a transgender there is a feeling of something desperately wrong, perhaps emotionally like being in a dream state and not being able to wake up to their true self. I have had one transgender person describe it as being angry trying to fight your way out of a cobweb covering.

In an androgynous state that is not being expressed it is more like having a box of chocolate and not allowing your self to taste it. A pressure to use, taste, smell, and experience a hidden desire, almost erotic and definitely exotic hidden within the consciousness. Not until this state is experience does the individual feel whole. It is similar to a moment of orgasm, for that second of indescribable pleasure that brings about completeness. In the end the infinite genders are all androgynous, but how they express this and use it has no singular or binary description.

The individual life experiences create a uniqueness, a gender and consciousness thumbprint unlike any other in a person. The consequences of this are a universe of conscious reality like no one else posse. It is the differences, the uniqueness of our consciousness that makes us a singular body as humanity. For too long we have looked to the sameness to connect us. Life survives not because of sameness but because of the diversity that allows us to adapt to changing environments and conscious realities. Through our diversity we become strong and fit able to face the changing realities of life. Those who cannot move from a binary existence to one of multiplicity in gender and expression of love will not survive.

When two of these conscious realities meet and find themselves attracted their blending creates further realities unlike any other thus producing queer love. The pairing they form cannot be labeled as binary, nor can the family unit that might emerge. As we start to recognize the infinite manifestation of gender and queer love we must also salute the infinite pairing and coupling that produces family structure unlike any that have been experienced before. While gender and families are unique they also carry similarity to life as we have known it until now.

It is my experiences that until we are free from all of the binary boxes can we be truly creative and alive.

(c) 2019 Suzanne Deakins                                                                                                              from Sexual Fluidity the Gender Revolution.