Sexual Fluidity and Gender Revolution

Is Our Anatomy Destiny?

We are layers of identity, anatomy, and consciousness. In our bodies and consciousness there are no straight lines if existence. We are complicated non-binary beings existing in a universe that is in constant flux, change, and growth. Perhaps change in many cases is the wrong word, things have always been as they are and we were simply not aware or awake enough to recognize them.

What I awoke to was that all love is queer love. That is, love is different in every relationship and that there is no one definition of love that neither fits any relationship. Nor can love be defined by what we think we know. Queer love then is defined as non-binary and outside traditional definitions. It is love of the 5% differences we all carry as well as the 95% sameness.

Because we, each persona, is manifesting in infinite existence, we find we are different and yet alike. It is the differences that help us establish our authentic self. It is the differences, and the fractal edges that take us to queer love, wanting to be with another, with a group that allows us to experience the valid self. Loving each other as we are rather than as a binary society has told us is how queer love happens.

Without becoming too scientific it is important to know that your body does not define your gender. It is hormones and consciousness that defines the gender no matter how it manifests. In a later chapter we will discuss the importance of understanding this principle. So for now know your body is not wrong nor were you born into the wrong body, your body never betrayed you.

It was the restrictive binary gender thinking that makes you feel your body is wrong. (I am not speaking against gender reassignment, I am explaining what happens with consciousness and our thinking.) For you to be authentic and capable of queer love you must start by accepting the idea most of your pain and even self-loathing is based on binary definitions of gender and what you have been told. To be authentic means to understand the uniqueness of your gender. Your gender is uniquely only yours.

Queer love then is the ability to be fearless in your pursuit of authentic self and love. To comprehend queer love is to imagine love in a whole different way. Queer love demands you be fluid and limitless in your embrace of love and inclusive of accepting all genders.

A gender spectrum that is limitless.

This movement in consciousness of the fluidity of sexuality, gender is more than about resistance and freedom, it is about expanding the complexity of humanity to the outer margins of our thinking. This expansion is creating new freedoms for all of humanity. This revolution/evolution of gender is creating the freedom to unlock the individuality, infinite likeness, and diversity of our thinking and our corporal existence. There are no blueprints for this new world that is being created, no documents, bibles, and binary rules to guide us. We must form our own rules from what we know to be so about the nature of reality, compassion, and love.

We must be guided by understanding that our anatomy, blood, and DNA can no longer guide us in forming loving and caring families, but by the very depths of the compassion that so many of us failed to receive from our families and communities new families are being formed.

Many of us have been betrayed by the people we trusted most. To move past this we must create a whole language of love that allows us to have a space where we live our authentic self without fear, hate, and self disgust. A space where we no longer impose the binary standards for what masculinity and femininity is supposed to be.

This new love this queer love not limited to those in the LGBTQ2IS community but for all humanity. It is inclusive and love is a tool for revolutionary/evolutionary change. History has taught us that if we do not recognize the time in consciousness evolution we are at the revolution will cause us to be decapitated and destroyed.

If we take the time to unlearn our biases of binary standards, and thinking we will be able to allow a new world to be created where everyone is self-determined, free to be their authentic self without fear, hate, and self loathing, a society that is indeed of compassion.

Each of us must explore our own deep-seeded concepts of masculine and feminine we carry within. Know how it plays out into our relationships personally, in community, socially, and globally. As we discover our authentic selves we must reimagine our anatomy and relationships. We cannot live with the definitions we have been taught and carry within our unconscious mind.

Our gender (authentic self) must be able to work in tandem with all other genders to have healthy relationships that are loving, compassionate, and safe. We must be guided by spirit, truth, and infinite compassion as we form new definitions of existence. When we become authentic we are able to celebrate each other’s genders and fluidity of sexual creation. Our celebration does not diminish the gender of another but enhances all the queerness around us. We must imagine ourselves into existence, creating new institutions, new kinds of life, families, and relationships. Gender is not static and our relationship to our gender is not definable into characteristic of binary male and female. This new queer world is one of self-determination and not one of imposed definition of gender, love, and relationships.




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