Are You Relevant? Part One


Are you closely connected to what is germane, pertinent? To answer this you, of course, must define in what situation and under what circumstances you are referring to. To become relevant, you must embrace your consciousness and the perception you have of life. Within this consciousness resides the mot fundamental relevance of all humanity. Relationships. For a relationship to be true, it must be intimate. This intimacy in relationships relates to more than person-to-person, all of life is a relationship. In writing this I must acknowledge to the words and ideas I am expressing and their relationship to my consciousness. To give the concept importance and relevance I must be intimate or familiar in my thinking.

Everything we do is a relationship. We view life and its movement as being something in which we participate. This looks like we are separate outside of life. In reality, our consciousness is creating the life we see reflecting back to us. We are seeing a reflection of our attitudes and experiences. When we look out there, we are also seeing the universal collective unconsciousness that resides within us.

The idea that all life is a reflection of consciousness means that everything that appears in our consciousness is in a connection to our thinking. This is a sacred relationship. To know purpose and meaning you must reveal the relationship between your consciousness and cosmic intent. This too is a sacred relationship. Marriage between two adults is a sacred relationship, becoming a parent is a sacred relationship. Any relationship with another is sacred and in that sense God/Truth sanctifies it. Even the most mundane of tasks reveals a sacred relationship. As it all resonates and comes from the creator source. To be truly intimate in our life we must see all of our relationships as sacred and worthy of knowing absolute love.

Healing and bliss don’t come from hate, hiding, revenge they come from absolute love, from the revelation of the authentic being, we are. To be healed of error of perception we must surrender to the sacredness, wholeness, and completeness of the creator source. This is an irrefutable spiritual law. That which is spiritual law has no end just as 2+2=4 has no beginning or end so is the existence of all spiritual law. Your covenant your contract with reality is this spiritual law, this relationship with the eternal now of all being.

Sacred relationships start by recognizing all existence is sacred and blessed as deriving from the divine core of all life. Life takes on a different meaning and is no longer disposable, no longer separate or without meaning. To explore our true self we must see that all life is sacred and worthy of our embrace. To embrace life knowing it is of the creator source and its appearance is simply life manifesting in infinite variety sets us free of the loneliness that haunts our ego mind.

The sacredness of a relationship is never diminished by separation or the immediate cessation. Love is never ended. We shift and change in our view in consciousness but love remains as does the sacredness of a relationship. The ego may scream, fight, and say it is ended but it never ends. We may grow to dislike the actions of another but the very essence of their being remains in tact.

It is with the essence of being that we love and form sacred relationships. The physical being and actions are a reflection of consciousness of individuals but it is not the core of our being. The essence of us is divine and spirit. We are whole and complete in our essence. Our essence is beautiful and loving. The rest is simply window dressing we have come to believe constitutes the whole of individual. But it is simply a series of roles playing out in consciousness.

What is real is invisible to the eye, but seen by the heart.

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