Sexual Fluidity Part 2

Gender is not binary. It has nothing to do with what we call sexual organs; it is a state of relating to our identity as consciousness. When someone asks me to say what pronouns I wish to be called, I find myself confused. For, to me I am infinite genders capable of expressing in unknown ways and feelings yet to be defined.

Sexuality is like having a taste for certain foods. Our tastes for sexual encounters and acts have nothing to do with gender identification, genital, or any other physical identification we may have. Our tastes are formed out of our evolving fractal patterns of existence.

All life is a series of sexual encounters. A bit shocking, I know, but true… thinking of sexuality as an act of physical orgasm between two people limits awareness of the possibilities of the emergence of fractal patterns. When orgasm occurs life is created. I am defining life as new energy patterns, manifesting as fractal patterns replicating and varying, as they unfold. Be it with a partner or self each orgasm brings new life to the universe because creation does not demand male and female to come together, nor does it demand an ergot and sperm to be fertile.

Each life design emerges as whole and complete a totality as a replication of a fractal pattern of the creator source. It holds the entire universal array in its structure. The emergence can be physical, mental, and emotional it isn’t limited by any binary concept of conception and manifestation of life. Once we release the concept it is a part of our existence. We have done more at the moment if creation than create a singular idea, but like dropping a stone into a pond we have created a change throughout the entire universe as we experience it in our consciousness.

Out of the consciousness of our life experience comes the foundation of our creations. We are not limited by physical experiences, for we are mental beings capable of conjuring, bringing into existence the entirety of our imagination, and dream life. It is when we release our thinking from limited binary thought and preconditioning about the nature of reality that we become the great artist, the creator of extraordinary acts of courage, empathy, and love.

Our perception of sexuality influences our every second of existence. From how we cook and serve our food, painting, writing, using a camera, parenting, riding a bicycle, you name it every facet of our life is influences by our perception of sexuality and our relationship to consciousness.

If you were to walk away with one idea from reading this it should be that you are not binary, not gender, but a sexual being that is total, whole expression of all life, consciousness. You are capable of great feats of courage, empathy, nurture, discipline, and love. We are the creators of our world. It is through our very thoughts, actions, and emotions that life emerges. You need only have gained one small stone if an idea to drop in the sea of sexuality to start the process.

© 2019 Suzanne Deakins                                                                                                            Sexual Fluidity, Non-Binary Thoughts

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