Sexual Fluidity Part 1

Mothers’ day is a symbol of the ability within each of us to nurture, grow, and sustain life. It is only in the last couple of decades that we have acknowledged that mothering is not limited by gender. The energies we call mother and father reside in each individual no matter how they identify their gender. Perhaps, going back to Adam and the naming of life we began to divide our world into an either/or, black/or white, and a binary existence. The trouble with a binary existence is it is an illusion. It leaves most of us in a psychotic state of being. That is, we are living in an illusion that everyone/everything is the same or opposite. The Truth is that our world is a fractal series of infinite patterns that continuously forms new configurations of being. It is an infinite never-ending manifestation of consciousness.

These new configurations often cause us to grapple with our awareness and what we thought was so about the nature of reality. We spend hours trying to force new insights and patterns into old thinking. Biblically we try to put new wine into old bottles (skin bags). Trying to put the evolution of consciousness into old systems, old thought avenues limits our power to integrate into the flow of the evolving fractal patterns, leaving us to live in a delusion of a static language, insights, and systems.

True power of any kind lies in the ability to let go of a binary vision and thinking. It means as we embrace that at the level of consciousness/awareness we are all the same, tritely put ONE, and yet we are infinitely different evolving as a fractal array constantly, infinitely forming new patterns and connections to all life. The power in life comes via connection, inclusion, rather than disconnection and exclusion.

When we don’t see the connections in all life as well as the infinite fractal patterns as being connected in our consciousness we loose empathy, conscience, and our ability to see the consequences of our actions and habits. We in fact become psychopathic. Our actions become serial in nature, repeating the same thoughts and actions without different outcomes.

To be healthy, emotionally, physically, and mentally we need to be nurtured. A nurturing person (sans gender) recognizes differences, patterns, and connectedness in all that come to them. This to me is the nature of a true healer, teacher, and parent. This is the omnipotence of the feminine within each being.

Gender and sexuality are not the same. Through the millennium we have been taught that sex is gender and that there are only two, that our system is binary. We are not a binary race. As far as I can observe every living being, plant animal, life is unique, non-binary in nature. Developing our consciousness we form our own one-off gender and way of connecting with life. From the moment we establish our fractal patterns in utero we are the true meaning of androgynous, non-specific in our gender able to be as a chameleon changing and being infinite in our expression.

Gender is not binary. It has nothing to do with what we call sexual organs; it is a state of relating to our identity as consciousness. When someone asks me to say what pronouns I wish to be called, I find myself confused. For, to me I am infinite genders capable of expressing in unknown ways and feelings yet to be defined.

Sexuality is like having a taste for certain foods. Our tastes for sexual encounters and acts have nothing to do with gender identification, genital, or any other physical identification we may have. Our tastes are formed out of our evolving fractal patterns of existence.

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