Miracle of Surrender Part I

Miracles occur when what we believe and expect in outcomes aren’t in alignment with what happens. Miracles don’t happen from our ordinary thinking. They happen when we step outside our comfort zone of thinking and existence. They do not require clever thinking, but rather thinking with intent/purpose and passion. Miracles happen within our consciousness.

Consciousness is the accumulations of our beliefs, perceptions, and awareness. We are considered conscious when we experience our existence and can in some manner relate this to others. A way of understanding consciousness and the effect of our belief system on our perception and thinking is to imagine our beliefs are a pink light that surrounds a doorway. Walking through the doorway everything we sense see, smell, and taste is tainted by the pink light. The white rose becomes pink. Our friend’s doorway belief light is yellow and as he sees the same rose the color is yellow. Each of us is seeing our rose based on our belief, each of us right according to our belief.

Now imagine you have been told that you are stupid. Can’t do math, can’t talk right. This has been happening since you were a child and you now believe it. This belief now colors every task, every relationship in your world. Your responses to life are coated by the belief that you stupid and can’t accomplish anything.

Our consciousness and the beliefs that form it dictate our responses, perceptions, and understanding about our life. They actually form life as we experience and see it. The miracles of consciousness are when we have an insight, an eureka moment, where we let go of a belief that is dictating what we think we see and experience and replace it with principle, Truth, the nature of reality. The new insight or understanding frees our thinking from the boxes and limitations of old beliefs. This in turn changes what happens in our personal reality. Illness can become health, miss understanding and pain become healed, our stupidity is turned to creative brilliance. In reality nothing has changed but our thinking and our responses to life in our consciousness. Consequently even what we call structure changes and we respond differently.

These types of miracles of consciousness are produced when we surrender to our innate spiritual power, Truth. Spiritual power is based in an act of surrender­ing to higher source, to the Creator of all life and what we call Absolute Love.

To surrender is to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or de­mand; to give (oneself) over to something (as an influence); to give oneself up into the power of another. Surrender is a verb, a movement. It is not static.

Surrender is an important part of understand­ing intimacy and love. For there to be an ex­perience of purpose and meaning we must sur­render (in this case give up) our beliefs about our being. How can we be intimate with anoth­er if we think it is all set in the physical state? Intimacy, knowing and being known, happens in the mind, higher mind.

Spiritual surrender is about learning to let go and accepting life for what it is, not what we wish it could be. We each carry romantic ideas about our deity, lovers, and life. We carry a con­cept that spiritual reality is perfection. I have learned that the world of perfection is a lie. All life is from the Creator and this life contains the rose as well as the thorn that pricks. If the Cre­ator creates life then all life is from the Creator. We can’t have life and non-life in the same mo­ment. All life is creation. Just as our conscious­ness has created the life we live in so can it cre­ate a new life.

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