The Fourth Way

I have come to believe that our relationships and the time we spend honoring others defines our spirit and consciousness in ways most do not understand. All Asian religions specifically Buddhism, and Taoism, and emphasize the importance of relationships in spiritual salvation and mental health. Christianity, Judaism, and Islamism have the foundations for the same, but you rarely see it practiced as you do in Asia. Being connected, belonging, and being embraced are all second nature to an Asian, but we struggle with the concept in the west. For instance many groups try to impart it with we are all one… there is only one… Truth is all there is… (Which is so but can go beyond logical appearance). Where in the west we think of disease as not being Truth, but a misperception, the Chinese (Buddhist and Taos) know it is Truth or natural and treat it accordingly, thus dealing with the universal principle present. As the psychiatrist said, (when I told him the disease that killed my daughter was not principled and was chaos) “ but it is principle and in order doing as it was created to do.”

I have learned that not until we embrace the chaos, the disease, and pain as Truth can we move forward. To fight something and deny its existence gives it silent power and locks us into a spiral of internal conflict searching relentless for a cure to our loneliness and vagueness of missing something or being empty.

While Aristotle’s teaching resides in our consciousness and forms the syllogistic process of how the mind works it also produces a kind of duality that keeps us from totally embracing life as whole and complete. Aristotle’s thinking basically teaches (as does the Truth Syllogism unless it is taught appropriately) that there is Truth and non-Truth (a duality). While the reality is there is only ONE no matter how we have been taught to think of it. And that ONE can appear in multiple ways at the same time. Embracing infinite realities at the same time produces a third wave of consciousness that mutates thought pushing it into a Fourth Way, which goes beyond space and time. In Fourth Way thinking you don’t go anywhere, seek anything, know anything, or experience anything other than infinite realities playing out at the same time. This place is often called the Great Silence, the Face of God, Nirvana, and heaven.

This Fourth Way of thinking is often seen as a confusion that can be easier understood when we think of math. It is impossible to perform an equation as we practice them without zero and yet if we divide 1 by one-half, and then continue the division of the quotient it is impossible to reach zero an infinite process that is without end. On another plan of math zero may not exist or 2 + 2=5 rather than 4 and again 2 + 2= can have infinite answers or realities within one state of existence. The practitioner of Sacred Math and Geometry sees infinite possibilities of different processes, which can only be understood by letting go of all previous understanding and experiences of reality. In this Thunder of Silence, the creative source of all life is made known. To achieve this state of being one must disentangle from all previous lives, understandings, and errors of thought, sorrows, and joys. It is only when we are truly untethered can we know we know not in infinite manifestation.

My wish for you in this New Year is that you stand on the cliff of Chaos allowing yourself to fall untethered and unbound into the infinite reality of love.

Anyway this is a digression as my point is simply we are appearing in multiple realities, perhaps infinite realities, and only through a relationship to life can we comprehend this. When fathom these ideas our soul is filled with love and joy.

Happy New Year 

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