A Day of Hope

Many years ago watching a Twilight Zone episode, I came across the importance of the concept of hope.  People in a desperate situation with illness gave up hope. The ill joined hands with those who were healthy so all of them would be sick. I laid in bed for many nights pondering what would make people give up hope for a cure. The only answer I had then and now is there was a lack of understanding of the very nature of humanity represented by the people portrayed in the episode.

The concept of hope is not about fantasizing winning a lottery or finding a soulmate. It is about understanding the very nature of reality. Of all of the attributes of humanity is the ability to change our beliefs and consciousness is perhaps the most notable.  There are many circumstances in life that cannot be changed.  It is the wise person who accepts what can be changed and surrenders to a higher power that which seems unchangeable.

Hope is something different than change. Hope is about trust.  The symbolic birth of a child is about bringing to light a kind of trust in the future of humanity. A hope that something more than the long cold nights will be available to us, the joy of the return of the birds song, the peace of existence, and absolute love a knowing we are a part of something greater than ourselves.  There is a kind of trust that humanity can over come dire circumstances to reach higher.  Higher in a sense of  understanding the nature of humanity.  To see clearly, without eyes filled with images of sugarplum fairies and fantasized perfection of existence, is to have hope.

This holiday is not about the perfect gifts or perfect anything it is about trust that the axiomatic presence of a higher source of consciousness will remain present no matter what the appearance. To trust the principle of light will return is to have hope.

The idea of gift giving is not about giving and receiving but rather sharing within our community.  When even the poor give to those with less we have a true community.  We are a species of sharing. Without sharing we loose our sense of community, trust, and belonging. The need to belong drives our humanity to extremes. We need to be a part of something greater than our individual existence. We seek to know there is life throughout the universe. We seek to join and belong because within community we find ourselves be it in reflection or cause. We belong by sharing.

My desire for you and all of us this season is, we will know we have the power, within our vessel of consciousness, to come up higher.  Reach out and take your neighbors hand in an act of sharing and hope.  In this you will join the great chorus of humanity singing the hallelujah chorus.  Only in sharing do you understand the five candles of the Advent. In this our fifth candle the nature of reality is fulfilled, the return of the light.

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