Thank You for My Clubfoot

In reading Somerset Maugham’s “Of Human Bondage.” And was struck by a passage where the protagonist Phillip, is confronted by his Headmaster to give thanks for his clubfoot rath­er than bemoaning it. The Headmaster goes on to point out that this unique circumstance in his life presents the opportunity to learn what no one else has the opportunity to know.

Rarely do we think about giving thanks for the adversary in our life. We are quick to thank for the bounty and good will but often withhold any thanks about the rest. It is natural to feel we are somewhat being punished when we experi­ence ill fortune of any kind.

We don’t seem to grow in our consciousness when things are going smooth; it often takes an upset to shift us into exploring what is residing in our consciousness. The simple act of grati­tude, for the opportunity to learn and grow, sets us on a different track. We find we are no longer on the railroad of victimhood. Out of the den­sity of thought and ill winds blows a fresh new start in our perspective about life.

We often don’t have control or conscious choice over many things in our life. But we do have choice about our perception and actions toward the events that unfold before us. How we view an incident is our decision. We have the right and ability to choose our reactions and how we live. No government, no philosophical viewpoint can take away our ability to be cog­nizant of life. Only when we recognize that the broken arm is as much Truth/God as the whole arm are we free to change our perspective and have real control of life.

God/Truth is as much a part of what we call ill circumstances as of the beauty and bounty of life. We can’t say that God/Truth is all there is but the illness or death. For if something is all it is, it is all there is without beginning or end. It is our choice in how we see the actions and how we react.

When we surrender to Truth/God being all there is, we surrender the seeming human need to divide our creation into two, good or bad. In surrendering and giving thanks for all there is, no matter what the appearance in our life, we are freed from thinking we have no real control. Our control does not reside in the circumstances of our perception, but rather our ability to con­ceive that God/Truth is all there is and every­thing else is a flight of our imagination.

Your gratitude is not about giving thanks for the death and destruction now occurring on our world. It is for the opportunity to learn, grow, and become intimate with the idea that Truth is all there is.

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