Letting Go…A Release

One of the hardest tasks any of us have is to let go of our ego, our beliefs, and our physical relationships. It can take a lifetime to learn how to do this. Perhaps we learn in increments. It never ceases to astound me when I come across an incident of pain and hurt from the past that I have not released out of my life. Every spiritual concept, technique, tool, and practice I have studied has an idea on letting go, releasing. Releasing our self from the belief that we are caught by our anger, pain, and self-doubt is a big task. Letting go and releasing affects our identity. By releasing we are uncovering our authentic self, the I am I identity.

Identity is defined by the history of our experiences. We become the boy or girl (gender identification) at birth, the child of Jane Doe, black, white, yellow or red colored skin, good in school, bad at sports, the target of bad luck, the person who is hated or loved… the lover, partner, and parent. All of these and more define how we identify or relate to our being. When you say I am Suzanne or Joe or or… you are giving a full history of your experiences, of the archetypes and tribal myths that reside deep in your unconscious mind. Our ontic self is defined by the epistemology, axiology, archetypes, and myths that surround us and live through us. We unconsciously choose those understandings that we place value on because of our experiences.

When you let go of any of these self-identifying incidents and terms you are changing your identity. It may seem subtle, but that change is like an earthquake in the unconscious mind. Our thinking/mind takes on a momentary plastic quality it becomes moldable. Letting go of the set parameters and walls we have built keeping the unsullied from being diluted by what we assume is the adulterated, sinful in us. These walls keep the good from being tainted by what we believe is bad. In releasing we must also let go of the walls, beliefs, and history that have come to define that moment we are releasing.

We can release our identity from a false belief, but unless we release our thinking from a binary world of good and bad, black or white, the release is only partial. The beliefs and history must also be released. This is why a student of the Prospero Releasing the Hidden Splendor will feel the work is not done… the release in their work hasn’t been fully completed. In using the technique of Translation the same applies and is inherent in the 5th, 6th, and 7th steps. You must release the old walls and beliefs that have formed the sense testimony not just the sense testimony. This means binary thinking must be let go for the now state of wholeness, totality, Truth.

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