The Addiction of Judgment

We often think of addiction being about alcohol, drugs, and anything we cant stop. These kinds of addictions are easy to spot, but there are other addictions that are not so easy to spot.

When we make a judgment or are judging we get an instant hit of self-righteousness. We tell ourselves we are better and it produces a momentary high a kind of euphoria. This euphoria, no matter what the length of time it stays, is addictive. It gives us an illusion we are in control and directing our life at a conscious level. As this high wears off we feel guilty. Instinctively we know at the same time we feel guilty, knowing we are separating our self from our true Identity, I am. Like all addictions to wipe out the feelings we are faced with we redo the act of judgment to bring back the state of euphoria.

Similarly with all addiction we become isolated when we judge others. As a caution here there is a difference between discernment and judging. When we discern our action is not based on a binary good or bad, but rather what we have learned is safe and workable for us.

Almost all addiction is embedded in childhood. By repeating the addiction we are trying to numb a fundamental wound having occurred before we were 13 years of age. Maybe someone told you that you weren’t good enough or you experienced some type of distress that left you feeling alone and numb. To avoid this pain we project it on others pointing out the imperfections we feel within our self. We separate our being from the very idea we are trying to know, our true self, our spirit, our god self, one mind Love.

When we are told we are not right, or judged as being bad in our mind we immediately go to the concept that God is good, I am not good therefore I am not God. Or Truth is that, which is so or good or all, but I am not good I am lacking therefore I am not Truth. Our mind reasons in a syllogistic manner and takes us to a place of pain and being isolated from that, which is our holy center. When you judge you are separating yourself from the binding force in the universe, love.

Judging is like picking at a scab, it keeps it raw and does not heal. To heal from past wounds and pain you must be willing to see the dark ideas, the shadow self, we all carry within us. We must stand still and witness our own actions without judging them as good or bad. At first you will trigger and not be able to stop judging and hurting others… eventually you will recognize a pattern of emotions and circumstances that trigger you into judging and emotions used to cover up past wounds. You will be able to understand what is happening and eventually find ways to heal. (The Prosperos Releasing the Hidden Splendor seminar is one method to accomplish this,

As long as you continue to judge and be addicted to the feelings of self-righteousness you will not have control over your life and feel powerless. Hatred, anger, sadness don’t resolve anything. They simply produce more and immerse you deeper into dark areas of your unconscious mind. Recovering from our emotional addiction give us back our power, sacred love, and sense of totality of being. Recovering is not easy and it might take a lifetime for some, but in the end… like the prodigal son, you are welcomed home again by the father/creative source, Truth.

Recovering from addiction leaves you open to experience true happiness, and an eureka moment of knowing that Truth is all there is.

© 2018 Suzanne Deakins

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