In The Image of Love

I say to you, you are made in the image of God, Love. You are Love.

In Western religious training we are often told: God is love, and our parents or caregivers inform us that we are not God: I am not God, our silent conclusion is then: there for I am not love. As we mature this line of thinking draws us into a state of confusion.

By eleven years of age, we know our parents are our physical progenitors. We see ourselves reflected back in them by physical image and sometimes emotional image. Most of us were taught that God created the world and universe. This must mean that God created us, and again a conclusion that our parents are God. This con­clusion is in our child’s mind.

We see our parents’ habits and our disagree­ments with them as some kind of expression of God. How are we to believe and have faith in that which we feel betrayed us time and again? We have placed the attributes our parents (and other adults) displayed into the category of God. Our sense of God, Truth, Divine Mind. and Consciousness are immediately tainted by a misunderstanding of spiritual law.

We venture out into the world seeking to eradicate our existential void. We have seen with our own eyes that our parents and family are separate from us. We feel unacceptable and hated by the very progenitors that created us. We seek to love and be loved intuitively feeling that this is the answer the key to our salvation.

Like the prodigal son we seek our fortune in the world that seemingly is out there. We be­lieve we can control any circumstance. Feeling empowered by our new awareness we try to direct the unfolding of consciousness, the mani­festation of life around us. And like the prodigal son we must eventually return to the “house of our father.” This is we must return to under­standing spiritual law/Truth as the governing and creative force in our life.

In our return we seek to eradicate the exis­tential void* we have lived. We seek to free our­selves of the addiction of human understanding for the experience of God/Truth that transcends our ego, misguided understandings of our in­tellect and even our emotions.

We seek acceptance by the force that creates all life. To know the connection to understand it is all one idea, divine mind unfolding, we must give up our separateness and look squarely into the face of God. The father awaits our return. A great feast is prepared and JOY resides. The father is known only to the father. Like 2+2= 4 is not known to the error of 2+2=5 our error of thought is not known to the father who is spiri­tual law, Truth.

We are once again faced with the daunting task of looking at the face of God… we must drop the veils of illusion that anything exists other than God as Love. To escape our condem­nation to hell and life in this existential void, to gain salvation* we must see that we are indeed the child of God. We must pull the curtain from the mirror. Drop the dreams of addiction, of control and separateness for the reality that all we are is love.

Standing before the mirror naked and un­adorned knowing we are indeed love and this love is the only salvation any of us have. It is the only path that leads us out of the separateness, the hate, the blame and shame. We step from the darkness into the Splendor of God. For God whispers, “you shall live forever for have brought forth in love.”

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